Two-part drama about how, 500 years ago, a revolutionary priest named Martin Luther changed the face of Christendom and the path of European civilization forever.

Zwischen Himmel und Hölle - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: German

Status: Ended

Runtime: 90 minutes

Premier: 2017-10-30

Zwischen Himmel und Hölle - Lars Jaeger - Netflix

Lars Jaeger (born 1969 in Heidelberg, Germany) is a Swiss-German entrepreneur, financial theorist, alternative investment manager, and author on hedge funds, quantitative investing, and risk management, as well as the history and philosophy of science. He has been an influential voice in the hedge fund industry for many years fostering developments towards more transparency, liquidity, and cost efficiency. He is the founder and CEO of Alternative Beta Partners AG and currently serves GAM as Head of Alternative Risk Premia. In his blog as well as other media he frequently writes on issues concerning science and new technologies. In 2014, Jaeger published a universal history of science (in German), and in September 2016 another book on the interplay of science and spirituality (again in German). His latest book “Supermacht Wissenschaften” (2017, again in German) outlines scenarios of mankind's technological future.

Zwischen Himmel und Hölle - Commentaries on hedge funds - Netflix

Jaeger frequently comments in print, online, and on television on financial issues, particularly around hedge funds, their return sources and risk management for alternative investment strategies. He has been an early public advocate for independent risk management, transparency, and cost reduction for hedge funds having designed and run one of the first managed account platforms for these historically rather opaque investment structures in 2000. In 2003, based on his investment experience as well as his academic research on hedge funds return sources, he (jointly with Bill Fung and David Hsieh) coined the term alternative beta identifying this as the most important component of hedge fund returns (increasingly referred to “alternative risk premia” today). The research by Jaeger initiated an industry wide discussion on the return attributes (and cost features) of hedge funds which starting in 2007 led to the appearance of hedge funds replication products. Jaeger is author of several research articles in leading academic journals. He received the Martello award “best paper of the year” by the Journal of Alternative Investment in 2005 for his influential and much cited paper “Factor Modeling and Benchmarking of Hedge Funds: Can passive investments in hedge funds strategies deliver?”.

Zwischen Himmel und Hölle - References - Netflix