R.D. is a delivery boy who works for a company called Mach Storm in order to earn money to search for the legendary Alpha Zoid. A Zoid that he heard rumors about from his dad that he passionately believes in. Mach Storm also doubles as a Zoid Battling team. In R.D.'s first Coliseum Zoid Battle, he encounters a team that can fuse Zoids. R.D. soon discovers that he has a Zoid that can compatably fuse with his Zoid, Liger Zero. After this happens R.D.'s adventure to discover the truth about the Alpha Zoid begins.

Zoids: Fuzors - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 22 minutes

Premier: 2003-10-04

Zoids: Fuzors - Spider-Man and Zoids - Netflix

Spider-Man and Zoids was a comic book series by Marvel UK that was a tie-in with the toys of the same name. The comics anthology included reprints of Spider-Man stories and an original series of Zoids tales. (The latter has no continuity with the anime Zoids and it was created to go along with the original UK—and subsequent Australian—model kit releases.) Spider-Man and Zoids is notable for featuring early work by Grant Morrison, including the epic and apocalyptic Black Zoid storyline.

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