Zeg 'ns Aaa - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Dutch

Status: Ended

Runtime: 25 minutes

Premier: 1981-01-01

Zeg 'ns Aaa - Renée Soutendijk - Netflix

Renette Pauline Soutendijk (born 21 May 1957), known professionally as Renée Soutendijk, is a Dutch actress. She was a favorite star of director Paul Verhoeven's films and is perhaps best known for her work in his 1980 release Spetters. Her good looks and striking blond hair secured her status as a Dutch sex symbol in the 1980s. She has also played a number of television and stage roles, and is one of the leads in the 2012 RTL 4 television series Moordvrouw.

Zeg 'ns Aaa - Selected filmography - Netflix

Pastorale 1943 (1978) Deadly Sin (1978) A Woman Like Eve (1979) Spetters (1980) The Girl with the Red Hair (1981) The Forbidden Bacchanal (1981) Inside the Third Reich (TV movie, 1982) Hedwig: The Quiet Lakes (1982) The Fourth Man (1983) An Bloem (1983) The Cold Room (TV movie, 1984) Out of Order (1984) Private Resistance (1985) The Hitchhiker – Season 2, Episode 10: “Murderous Feelings” (TV series, 1985) Peter the Great (TV miniseries, 1986) Op hoop van zegen (1986) Scoop (TV movie, 1987) The Second Victory (1987) A Month Later (1987) Der Madonna-Mann (1987) Der Fall Boran (1987) Motten im Licht (1987) Wherever You Are... (1988) Murderers Among Us: The Simon Wiesenthal Story (TV movie, 1989) Forced March (1989) Grave Secrets (1989) Eve of Destruction (1991) Keeper of the City (TV movie, 1991) The Betrayed (TV movie, 1993) Seventh Heaven (1993) De Flat (1994) The Little Riders (TV movie, 1996) Hauptsache Leben (TV movie, 1998) Schimanski: Sehnsucht (TV series, 1999) Tatort: Bittere Mandeln (TV series, 2000) Anna Wunder (2000) With Great Joy (2001) Radeloos (2008) Der Mann aus der Pfalz (TV movie, 2009) A Perfect Man / Dial 9 for Love (2001/2013) Moordvrouw (2012-) Suspiria (2018)

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