A drama about young adults and the importance of text messaging on their love lives. In the drama, Han Seung Ho is a Korean foreign student who moves in with, Miu, his friend. Han Seung Ho wants to send a message to his first love in Japanese, but because his Japanese is weak, he enlists the help of Miu to write the texts. Through this relationship, the two end up in love.

Yubikoi - Kimi ni Okuru Message - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 15 minutes

Premier: 2013-12-04

Yubikoi - Kimi ni Okuru Message - Kanata Hongō - Netflix

Kanata Hongō (本郷 奏多, Hongō Kanata, born November 15, 1990) is a Japanese actor and model. He is part of Stardust Talent agency and has appeared several times in music videos, movies, TV series, and magazines. His major breakthrough role was as Ryoma Echizen in the live-action film adaptation of The Prince of Tennis, and became even more widely known when he was cast as Shin in Nana 2. In television, his most notable role was as Hinata in Himitsu no Hanazono and he starred in Seigi no Mikata. For the live-action feature film adaptation of Attack on Titan he portrayed Armin Arlert. He has also been involved in anime voice acting as the lead character Ryōta Sakamoto in Btooom!.

Yubikoi - Kimi ni Okuru Message - Voice acting - Netflix

Yubikoi - Kimi ni Okuru Message - References - Netflix