Meet Ben Maverick, the crown prince of cardsharps. Unlike his lighter traveling relations, Ben carries some extra baggage on his wanderings - his lovely grifting gal pal Nell. While the pair may always bluff their way to high stakes, their real ace-in-the-hole is Marshal Edge Troy, who shows up just in time to get the pair out of a jam.... usually.

Young Maverick - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 1979-11-28

Young Maverick - Young Maverick - Netflix

Young Maverick is a 1979 television series. The series was a sequel of the 1957 series Maverick, which had starred James Garner as roving gambler Bret Maverick. Charles Frank played Ben Maverick, the son of Bret's first cousin Beau Maverick, making him Bret's first cousin once removed. Frank's real-life wife Susan Blanchard played his girlfriend Nell, while John Dehner (who appeared in Maverick's “Shady Deal At Sunny Acres”) appeared as a frontier marshal who had arrested Ben's father Beau decades before. The series was cancelled by CBS after six hour-long episodes had been shown, leaving two which were never aired on the network. All eight episodes were screened later that year on BBC1 in the UK. The 1978 TV-movie The New Maverick, featuring Garner as Bret, Frank as Ben, Jack Kelly as Bret's brother Bart Maverick, and Blanchard as Nell, served as the pilot for the series. (Garner appeared briefly in the first regular episode of Young Maverick, “Clancy,” making him the only person to appear in all three series.) Among the actors appearing on the series were Howard Duff, John McIntire, James Woods, Donna Mills (all in “Dead Man's Hand,” parts 1 and 2), J. Pat O'Malley (“A Fistful Of Oats”), Morgan Fairchild, John Hillerman (both “Makin' Tracks”) and Harry Dean Stanton. Roger Moore, who played Beau Maverick (Ben's father) in the original series, never appeared in Young Maverick. Despite the title, Frank was three years older than Garner had been at the launch of the original series.

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Charles Frank as Ben Maverick Susan Blanchard as Nell McGarrahan John Dehner as Marshall Edge Troy

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