The travails of a tightly knit family that moves to Istanbul.

Yaprak Dökümü - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Turkish

Status: Ended

Runtime: 90 minutes

Premier: 2006-09-13

Yaprak Dökümü - Yaprak Dökümü (TV series) - Netflix

Yaprak Dökümü (The Fall of Leaves or The Falling Leaves) is an award-winning Turkish television series based on the novel of the same name by Reşat Nuri Güntekin. The series premiered on 13 September 2005 on Kanal D, and endеd its fifth and final season on 29 December 2010, comprising 174 episodes overall. The show is set in Istanbul, Turkey, and it revolves around the fictional family Tekin, and how when they come to Istanbul that tears their family apart, and transforms them in a way they cannot imagine.

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The Tekins rent a small apartment. Ferhunde convinces Nurdan to live in the mansion. The mansion burns and Ferhunde complains Şevket for arson. Experts state that it was not arson and Şevket is released; this makes Mithat angry at Ferhunde. Nurdan accuses her of having feelings for Şevket. Cem decides to become his partner. Ceyda posts bail for Oguz and uses this as a leverage not to divorce him. Leyla believes Oguz is playing her and returns to Ali Riza, who reluctantly lets her in. Şevket prepares to suit Sedef before seeing her talking to another man and mistaking it with an intimate relationship. When he's drunk, he calls and accuses her, upsetting her to the point that she ends the relationship. Oguz is cleared of charges and knowing that Ceyda borrowed the money from Yaman without telling him it was for Oguz, takes his revenge from her by revealing the truth to Yaman. Ferhunde leaks to the press that Cem is a former convict's partner; and this becomes a scandal for Cem's family's company. Cem is suffering from a disease and passes away. His family blames Necla and Şevket for this, while she's already having a hard time. Leyla tries to reconcile with her, but she ignores her. Leyla starts seeing Oguz again. Necla continues Cem's projects while his parents are trying to expel her from the company. Sedef decides to go to work in Milano in order to forget about Şevket. He realizes that Ferhunde has not let go of him and formulates a plan to take his revenge; starting by expressing love to her. Ferhunde doubts his intentions and tests him by using Ceyda; Şevket does not take the bait and Ferhunde is persuaded. Necla tells Leyla that she does not hate her; only that seeing her reminds her of the feeling of guilt and that they should stay away from each other. Oguz expresses his love for Leyla to Ali Riza, but he pushes him away. A man named Ali meets Necla in business and falls in love with her. Mithat goes on a trip and gives Ferhunde full delegation to do his work. Fikret breeds Tahsin's son, Umut. Ferhunde uses the delegation to take the mansion in case Mithat divorces her. Necla makes contract with Ali's company. Leyla and Şevket keep each other's affairs secret. Ali Riza starts having nervous and cardiovascular problems. Leyla finds out that she's pregnant. Mithat suspects Ferhunde, which angers her. Leyla leaves the house and joins Oguz, before the Tekins finding out. Oguz gets involved in racketeering. Şevket steals Ferhunde's cell phone. The Tekins' landlady demands them to leave house due to their continuous arguments. Şevket calls Mithat by Ferhunde's cell and reveals her intentions to him, saying that he has no affair with her and he only wants him to know what she really is. Mithat is about to kill her before Şevket stopping him. She takes her revenge by burning Şevket's building at night. He files a complaint against her while she's trying to sell the mansion and leave the country. The police find and arrest her. Şevket drops his complaint in exchange for her paying compensations and returning the mansion to Mithat. Mithat asks Oguz to find a buyer for the mansion. Yaman expels Ferhunde from the company. Oguz buys the mansion for himself to please Leyla and her family, but it makes Ali Riza more angry. Ferhunde's thirst for vengeance increases to the peak. The landlady starts annoying the Tekins in order to force them to leave. They move to stay with Necla temporarily. Fikret and Tahsin start getting distant to each other. Oguz receives threats from an unknown man. Ferhunde buys a house in the neighborhood of the mansion. Şevket transfers the construction rights to one of the customers to get rid of the debts, leaving all his efforts for the building in vain. Fikret believes Tahsin is cheating and leaves with Umut. Oguz finds out that the threats came from Seifi, his employer, as a guarantee for his future cooperation. Fikret joins the Tekins at Necla's; meanwhile Tahsin's mother, accusing him of infidelity, is struggling to return Fikret. Mithat offers Şevket a job in his company in gratitude of his favors. Seifi kidnaps Han and forces Oguz to continue working for him. Ali Riza goes to Tahsin's workplace in Adapazari and sees Sacide, the woman Fikret is mistaken about; Tahsin explains everything to him. Leyla suspects that Oguz is involved in illegal activity. Necla falls in love with Ali while the press rumors that they are seeing each other. Ferhunde threatens Necla into letting her work with Ali with telling him about Necla's past. In Milano, a Turkish man named Emir falls in love with Sedef. Fikret decides to return. After everyone blaming him, Tahsin gets drunk and kisses Sacide in his office. When he wakes up, he's shocked to see her in his bed before Fikret calling and informing him of her return. Sacide promises that she'll stay out of his life. Tahsin's mother starts behaving Fikret nicely. He does not talk to Fikret because he has a hard time dealing with his conscience. Şevket accepts Mithat's offer. Ferhunde makes contract with Ali by Necla's support. Cem's parents expel her from the company. She and Ali start dating. The Tekins get angry with her; she reminds them that they're staying in her house, provoking Ali Riza and Şevket to leave. Seifi's thugs rob his money from Oguz; then they accuse each other of double-crossing. Ferhunde accidentally hits Hayriye with her car, but Ali Riza does not complain Ferhunde as it was an accident. Necla convinces Ali Riza to return. Leyla and Oguz move in the mansion. Necla tells Ali about her past to get rid of Ferhunde; he revokes his contract with Ferhunde and tells Necla that her past is not important to him. Tahsin tells Fikret about what happened with him and Sacide and asks Fikret to forgive him. Necla and Ali decide to get married. Ferhunde gets depressed after everyone abandoning her. Seifi's workplace is assaulted by his enemies and Leyla finally realizes what Oguz is doing. Mithat divorces Ferhunde. Necla marries Ali and buys an apartment for the Tekins and a bookstore for Ali Riza. Leyla tries to talk to him, but he ignores her. Ferhunde starts dating a man named Ismail and recovers from her condition. Emir proposes marriage to Sedef, which she accepts because she has fallen in love with him. Oguz reveals to Şevket and Leyla that he has killed Seifi. Ferhunde ends her relationship with Ismail because she knows his family will not accept her. Mithat gets angry of Şevket for not attending an important transaction, leading Ali Riza to call Şevket and blame him for being idle and useless in his whole life. When the police arrive at the mansion, Şevket states that he is the murderer so that he can be useful for his sister. Fikret decides to leave Tahsin and stay with her friend in Istanbul while keeping her connention with his family. Ali Riza has a heart attack after he hears that Şevket is arrested for murder.

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