Accounts of wildlife attacks on people.

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Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 50 minutes

Premier: None

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“The Most Dangerous Game”, also published as “The Hounds of Zaroff”, is a short story by Richard Connell, first published in Collier's on January 19, 1924. The story features a big-game hunter from New York City who falls off a yacht and swims to what seems to be an abandoned and isolated island in the Caribbean, where he is hunted by a Russian aristocrat. The story is inspired by the big-game hunting safaris in Africa and South America that were particularly fashionable among wealthy Americans in the 1920s. The story has been adapted numerous times, most notably as the 1932 RKO Pictures film The Most Dangerous Game, starring Joel McCrea and Leslie Banks, and for a 1943 episode of the CBS Radio series Suspense, starring Orson Welles.

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The story has also served as an inspiration for books and films like Seventh Victim, Battle Royale, Predator, The Running Man and The Hunger Games. In the film Westworld, humans are allowed to hunt and kill androids until one, played by Yul Brynner, starts hunting them. In the anime series Psycho-Pass, episodes 10 and 11 feature a wealthy cyborg tycoon who dons gentleman's hunting gear and hunts people in an underground maze with his robotic hounds. In the video game Hitman: Contracts, the mission “Beldingford Manor” takes inspiration from this story. In the video game Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc, the character Razoff takes inspiration from General Zaroff, even sharing similar names. In the comic-book story “The Second Most Dangerous Game” (serialized in Martian Comics #8-10), Martians possess humans to continue their tradition of hunting other humans, after the practice has been outlawed. Richard Connell is a character. The well known Spider-Man villain, Kraven the Hunter, is based on the character of General Zaroff. In Clive Cussler's book “DRAGON” Dirk Pitt is chased by “Kamatori” on Soseki Island. In the online game Poptropica, the 5-part “Survival Island” features you in a situation much like the one in the original story. In Don Pendleton's The Executioner series, book #441, called Murder Island has a similar plot to the book. The Protagnist, Mack “The Executioner” Bolan (a Vigilante/government agent) encounters a rich businessman hunter on an island while on a mission and ends up in similar position as the Rainsford character, while the rich hunter takes a similar role a Zaroff. In a song called “Fly Over the Wall” by Joey Pecoraro, the opening interaction between Rainsford and General Zaroff is used as a prelude to the actual song. A translated version was published in Malayalam as an audio book by Kathacafe in 2017

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