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The History of the United States men's national soccer team began with the team's first international match in 1885. Highlights from the team's early history include reaching the semi-finals of the 1930 World Cup, and defeating England in a remarkable upset in the 1950 World Cup. The U.S. national soccer team improved during the 1980s, and has played in every World Cup since 1990 (excluding this year, 2018). The team's best performances in modern history include reaching the quarterfinals of the 2002 World Cup, and defeating #1 ranked Spain to reach the finals of the 2009 Confederations Cup.

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In the 1930 World Cup, the U.S. won their first match in World Cup history, beating Belgium 3–0 at the Estadio Gran Parque Central in Montevideo, Uruguay. The match occurred simultaneously with another across town at the Estadio Pocitos where France defeated Mexico. In the next match, the United States again won 3–0, this time against Paraguay. For many years, FIFA credited Bert Patenaude with the first and third goals and his teammate Tom Florie with the second. Other sources described the second goal as having been scored by Patenaude or by Paraguayan Ramon Gonzales. In November 2006, FIFA announced that it had accepted evidence from “various historians and football fans” that Patenaude scored all three goals, and was thus the first person to score a hat trick in a World Cup finals tournament. Having reached the semifinals with two wins, the American side lost 6–1 to Argentina. Using the overall tournament records, FIFA lists the U.S. as finishing in Third Place, above fellow semifinalist Yugoslavia. This is still the team's highest World Cup finish, and the highest finish of any CONCACAF nation. Furthermore, it is the only time a national team from outside the traditional powerhouse regions of CONMEBOL (South America) and UEFA (Europe) have finished on the podium.

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