From the 1,100 miles of coastal waters to the high deserts, the giant sequoias to Sierra Nevada mountains, the 240 California Game Wardens patrol all of the states 159,000 square miles. As the only line of defense in these sparsely populated, and often deadly places, this small group of law enforcement officers are constantly in pursuit of poachers, polluters, and illegal marijuana growers; while still making sure hunters and anglers follow the rules.

Wild Justice - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: To Be Determined

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2010-11-28

Wild Justice - Patrick Wilde - Netflix

Patrick Wilde is an English playwright and screenwriter for both television and film.

Wild Justice - The Wild Justice Company - Netflix

In 1993 he set up Wild Justice Company, originally to present his first play, What's Wrong with Angry? Wilde wrote the play because he “was sick of being told by people — even gay people — that it's easier to be gay now... But [he didn't] believe it's easier than it ever was to come out.” This age of consent drama began at a small fringe theatre in London, but moved from there to the Oval house, then BAC and eventually to a successful run at The Arts in Leicester Square. It has since played in Europe, Los Angeles and San Francisco, and was selected by readers of The Purple Circuit to be one of the most influential gay and lesbian plays. On the back of this success, Wilde was commissioned to write the film version, Get Real, which was directed by Simon Shore and went on to win several major awards, including both jury and audience prizes at the Dinard Festival of British Cinema, The Sydney Mardi Gras Film Award and the audience prize at the Edinburgh Film Festival. It was also selected to play at The Sundance Film Festival.

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