Heading to the incredible equatorial country of Colombia, Nigel Marven explores the wild side of South America in Wild Colombia with Nigel Marven. From the Andes to the Amazon, the Pacific to the Caribbean, Nigel journeys to the country's major habitats to meet rare and unusual creatures, many filmed for the very first time. Colombia is a naturalist's paradise, with more vertebrate species than any other country on planet, including over 160 species of hummingbird and more than 800 types of frog. Nigel starts his journey in the Andes - the longest mountain range in the world, which stretches through the country. Nigel meets hummingbirds galore before heading west to the Magdalena valley, where he encounters giant creepy crawlies, capuchin monkeys and birds that live like bats. An incredible journey through an incredible country, with an extraordinary array of beautiful and never seen before species.

Wild Colombia with Nigel Marven - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2012-11-19

Wild Colombia with Nigel Marven - Nigel Marven - Netflix

Nigel Marven (born 27 November 1960) is a British wildlife TV presenter, television producer, author and birdwatcher. He ran the 2008 London marathon in 4 hours 3 minutes to try to raise £20,000 for the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society UK.

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Nigel Marven married Jenny Hull in September 1996, but they separated four years later. Nigel fathered Jane Braham's son, Theo, but went on to marry Gillian Impey on 1 May 2004. They also have a child. During The Wright Stuff on 14th July 2017 Nigel announced he is currently going through his second divorce. His children are one son Theo and daughter Eleonora. During a simulated dinosaur encounter in the third episode of Prehistoric Park, Marven declared himself a vegetarian. Throughout the series he applies the same term to naturally herbivorous animals. In the second episode of Untamed China series he says the team cooked vegetarian food especially for him. Nigel confirms he is a vegetarian on his official website by stating that the Peregrine falcon is his favourite animal and that he would love to be such a bird, but because he is a vegetarian eating raw pigeon would make that hard. In Panda Adventure Marven states that he is “usually teetotal” when having a celebratory drink with a team of Chinese trackers who led him to see pandas close-up in the wild.

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