Thailand is one of Australia's most popular international tourist destinations, with over 600,000 Australians travelling to the Land of Smiles each and every year. Based from Phuket's famed Bangla Rd, the 10-part observational documentary series What Really Happens in Thailand follows the stories of a wide range of Australians who travel to Thailand to holiday, work and live.

What Really Happens in Thailand - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2015-09-14

What Really Happens in Thailand - Zombie Fighters - Netflix

Zombie Fighters (Thai: กัดกระชากเกรียน) (or Kud Krachak Krien) is a 2017 Thai horror-comedy film directed by Poj Arnon and it is the first Thai zombie film. The film stars Bhuvadol Vejvongsa, Kittipat Samantrakulchai, Korakrit Laotrakul, Worrachai Sirikongsuwan, Supakit Thinjun and Pasakorn Sanrattana. Now,it is already in Astro First in channel 492

What Really Happens in Thailand - Synopsis - Netflix

Audi and his gang head to the quarantined hospital where his parents went and never came back to them.He really likes to know what happens there and why the hospital was abandoned. After sneaking in there, he and his gang found out the terrible of something in the hospital and trapped in there. Lambo, Audi’s brother, picked up the younger brother’s phone calling, he is shock when his brother call out to save him at the quarantined hospital,so he bring his nerd brother,Cooper and his friends such as Otto,Krasoon and Buzz accompany to help him save his brother and then they find out that his youngest brother was trapped amonged zombies which caused from the virus plagues in there.How Lambo and his gang can save his brother and survived from the zombies?

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