Unexpected Evil is a docu-drama series which tells the stories of rising stars with bright futures and limitless potential… until their lives take a turn for the worse, and they become the victim - or the perpetrator - of a horrible crime.

One case is that of Robert Reza, the Mexican-American son of a minister, who serves as an altar boy, and is an outstanding student who gets accepted to Columbia University at just 16. Once there, he meets and marries the love of his life, a nursing student named Marilyn. Bob and Marilyn establish a multi-million dollar lung practice on Long Island, and build a stable home for their two young daughters. But after Bob's wife is found shot and strangled, it comes to light that Bob's been having an affair with the church organist. Ultimately, Dr. Reza confesses to killing his wife – all of which is recorded in a chilling video interview.

Then there's the case of Jerry Mark, the brightest of four brothers in the wealthy Mark family. He is the vice president of his senior class, star of the school play, and heir apparent to his father's multi-million dollar real estate and farm business. After high school, he lands a spot in the new Peace Corps, and later becomes an attorney. Jerry then vows to help those in need, striking out for California, and leaving his father's business behind. In Jerry's place, his father taps Jerry's youngest brother, Les, to take over the family business. But when Les, his wife and two children are slaughtered on Halloween night in their farmhouse, all eyes turn to Les' brother Tom—a homeless addict who lives on the peripheries of Cedar Falls. Tom's alibis checks out, but the alibis of his brilliant brother Jerry do not. Turns out that Jerry had returned from California to kill his brother's entire family in a jealous rage…

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2016-11-12

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The Masters of Evil is a name for a number of fictional supervillain teams appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The first version of the team appeared in The Avengers #6 (July 1964), with the lineup continually changing over the years.

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