Treffpunkt Flughafen is an GDR TV-Series about adventures and problems of the crew, when they goes around the world. This series is only available in german language.

Treffpunkt Flughafen - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: German

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 1986-02-23

Treffpunkt Flughafen - Interflug - Netflix

Interflug GmbH (German: Interflug Gesellschaft für internationalen Flugverkehr m.b.H.) was the national airline of East Germany from 1963 to 1990. Based in East Berlin, it operated scheduled and chartered flights to European and intercontinental destinations out of its hub at Berlin Schönefeld Airport, focusing on Comecon countries. Following the German reunification, the company was liquidated.

Treffpunkt Flughafen - Criminal occurrences - Netflix

On 10 March 1970, a hijacking attempt occurred on board a flight from East Berlin to Leipzig. Armed with pistols, a young husband and wife, Eckhard and Christel Wehage, demanded that the pilot fly the Antonov An-24 – which had 15 other passengers on board – to Hanover in West Germany in an attempt to escape the Iron Curtain. The pilot claimed not to have enough fuel and the Wehages agreed to fly to Tempelhof Airport in West Berlin. The plane returned to Schönefeld Airport instead, which prompted the Wehages to kill themselves. A similar attempt failed during an Interflug flight from Erfurt to East Berlin on 30 January 1980. On 20 December 1980, Flight 302 from East Berlin to Budapest became the subject of a bomb threat. En route, a hand-written notice was discovered claiming that there was a bomb hidden on board the Tupolev Tu-134, which would be triggered once the aircraft descended below 600 metres. The crew decided to divert to Poprad Airport (located at an elevation of 718 metres). There, a backpack was found which did not belong to any of the passengers. No information was released about its contents.

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