Trawlers, Rigs & Rescue: North Sea is an exciting new series explores life on the North Sea and the worlds of the people who work and live in some of the most isolated and challenging conditions on earth…Featuring staggering triumphs of civil engineering and examining the colossally impressive scale and ingenuity of offshore industry; the hardships of trawlermen battling the seas to fill their quotas and the bravery of the search and rescue teams patrolling the waves – Trawlers Rigs & Rescue: North Sea will be packed with facts, drama and insight.

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 50 minutes

Premier: 2009-03-31

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Shipwrecks of Tasmania are shipwrecks which have occurred in and around the island state of Tasmania, Australia.

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Tasmania is an island and since the time of European colonisation by the British, the population had been entirely reliant upon the sea for all physical contact with the outside world, until the development of links by air. Since European discovery in 1642 by the Dutch navigator Abel Tasman, many explorers and many vessels visited Tasmania, or Tasmania's waters. Following the establishment of a British settlement in 1803 at Hobart, a local boat building industry began almost immediately. Since that time Tasmania has had a very strong connection to the sea, and both commercial and recreational sailing has been a constant feature of Tasmania's history. Tasmania's geographical position latitude 42° south, longitude 147° east, is along the line of latitude that places it in the path of the powerful winds known as the roaring forties, a band of westerly winds which blow across the southern ocean. Mariners of the 18th and 19th centuries utilised these winds to shorten the time it took them to reach Australia after rounding the Cape of Good Hope on their way from Europe. However, these same winds also led to the destruction of many vessels in raging seas and fierce storms. Over 1,000 vessels are known to have been wrecked in Tasmanian waters, including the eighth oldest known wreck in Australia, the ship Sydney Cove. The Tasmanian coastline also posed several risks for mariners in the age of sail. It is regularly interspersed with jagged cliffs and submerged off-shore rocks. Also many of the inlets and bays which do provide shelter have dangerous entrances. The weather which affects Tasmania has also contributed to many wrecks. Tasmania can be susceptible to violent storms, such as the one which sank five boats competing in the 1998 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. Many of the wrecks in Tasmanian Waters have claimed lives, and the waters surrounding the island remain a watery grave for them. This list includes many vessels marked (X) that were lost with all hands in the so-called Bass Strait Triangle.

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