Top Model Sverige was a Swedish reality television show based on America's Next Top Model.

Type: Reality

Languages: Swedish

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2007-09-12

Top Model Sverige - Top Model (Scandinavia cycle 3) - Netflix

Top Model, cycle 3 (or Top Model: Milano) was the third and final cycle of Top Model. The winner of the competition was 18-year-old Freja Kjellberg Borchies from Vaxholm. The runners-up were Anna Brændstrup from Aarhus and Therese Haugsnes from Flateby. Following the conclusion of the cycle, the three coutries parted ways and went on to produce their own individual adaptations of Top Model.

Top Model Sverige - Sweden's pre-selection - Netflix

Sweden's competition was hosted by Malin Persson, who was also the head judge until the three countries merged and Cynthia Garrett took over. The first episode was aired in Sweden on 8 March 2006, with the finale being aired on 24 May. The two-hour premiere saw ten contestants selected for the competition. The final three girls chosen to compete in the final competition with Denmark and Norway were Florina Weisz, Freja Kjellberg Borchies and Sabina Karlsson. The last contestant standing was Kjellberg Borchies, who went on to win the competition.

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