Tonight at the London Palladium is hosted by entertainer, actor and presenter Bradley Walsh who with his warmth and cheeky style will entertain audiences with plenty of surprises and introduce some of the biggest stars from music and comedy onto one of the world's most famous stages, along with a host of spectacular speciality acts from around the world.

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Type: Variety

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2016-04-13

Tonight at the London Palladium - Scared of the Dark - Netflix

“Scared of the Dark” is a song recorded by British group Steps for their fifth studio album, Tears on the Dancefloor (2017). On 6 March 2017, the group announced their twentieth anniversary celebrations in the form of a new single, album and accompanying tour. “Scared of the Dark” premiered on The Ken Bruce Show on BBC Radio 2 on 9 March, and was released as the lead single from the album the following day. It is a disco song written by Carl Ryden and Fiona Bevan and performed mostly by band members Claire Richards and Faye Tozer. It garnered rave reviews from music critics, many of whom praised Steps for deliberately not conforming to current musical trends and for sticking to their original sound but with a modern feel. Within twelve hours of release, it reached number one on the iTunes Store in the United Kingdom, and debuted at number 37 on the UK Singles Chart.

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Written by Carl Ryden and Fiona Bevan, “Scared of the Dark” is a disco song with a duration of three minutes and forty-six seconds. Claire Richards and Faye Tozer perform the lead vocals, with Lisa Scott-Lee singing one verse, while Lee Latchford-Evans and Ian “H” Watkins provide background vocals. The group recorded each of their parts separately due to personal schedules as well as to keep their twentieth anniversary plans a secret from the public and the media. Scott-Lee revealed that she flew to the United Kingdom from her home in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates to record her vocals for “Scared of the Dark” and did not see her band members in the process, a sentiment that Latchford-Evans echoed. She recalled how the group used to record their vocals around a microphone in a booth together and how the process appeared to have changed in the twenty years since their split in 2001 where it is now done separately. The track begins with slow strings, deceptively creating the impression that it is a ballad. Richards opens the song with the lyrics “Say you're mine and stay by my side, don't say you're leaving. Don't turn out the lights, I'll scream, I'll scream, I'll scream,” after which it transforms into an up-tempo disco track. All five members perform the chorus, singing “Don't let the darkness come and hold me, I need someone cause I can't be lonely tonight. Come on baby, come and take me in your arms, I'll never be scared of the dark.” Matt Bagwell of The Huffington Post described the lyrics as being “straight out of the 'How To Do ABBA' songwriting handbook.”

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