Today's Takeis a daily live broadcast features co-hosts Natalie Morales, Al Roker, Tamron Hall and Billy Bush engaging in discussion about current news events and pop culture-related stories, as well as reviewing clips of television shows and trending internet videos. In addition, the team welcomes celebrity guests and musical performances. Featured segments include Today Food, In the Kitchen with Al and Tamron's Tuesday Trends, among others.

Today's Take - Netflix

Type: Talk Show

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2016-08-01

Today's Take - Larry Fleinhardt - Netflix

Larry Fyrulays, Ph.D., is a fictional character in the CBS crime drama Numb3rs, played by Peter MacNicol. He is the best friend and colleague of Charlie Eppes. Dr. Lawrence Fleinhardt holds the Walter T. Merrick Chair of Theoretical Physics at the California Institute of Science, CalSci (a university based on Caltech and located in Los Angeles in the Numb3rs universe). He is portrayed as a brilliant theoretical physicist and cosmologist, who researches supersymmetry, string theory, 11-dimensional supergravity theory, doubly special relativity, black holes, Ly-alpha emitters, the cosmic microwave background, and gravitational waves, using LIGO to check predictions on quantum corrections. He may have even found a way to express Calabi–Yau manifolds in a way that goes beyond a nonvanishing harmonic spinor and, independent of Charlie, published a work of genius entitled Zero Point Energy and Quantum Cosmology, which could provide insight into the cosmological constant problem (episode 3x4,The Mole).

Today's Take - Accommodation of MacNicol's appearance on 24 - Netflix

Peter MacNicol appeared in the first 11 episodes of season three before taking on his role on 24. According to creator and executive producer Cheryl Heuton, producers were uncertain as to the date of MacNicol's return, but, as of an interview with's Michael Ausiello, they already developed a few story ideas to write Larry back into the script. Larry became a regular again shortly after MacNicol's return to the show. The arc began with “Brutus” (air date 11-24-2006), with Larry leaving for the ISS at the end of episode 3x11, “Killer Chat” (air date 12-15-2006), and returning in “The Art of Reckoning” (air date 4-27-2007).

Today's Take - References - Netflix