Having served a three-year jail sentence, small-time burglar George Dobbs is released from prison one day earlier than expected. But, when he arrives back at his house, it is his best friend and fellow crook, Stan, who opens the door, his face covered in shaving foam, and wearing Dobbs's pyjama bottoms!

It's immediately apparent that while Dobbs has been 'doing time', Stan has been 'doing his missus'. However, wife Annie has affections for both men; a reluctant agreement is reached, and a delicate ménage-à-trois develops...

Thick As Thieves - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1974-06-01

Thick As Thieves - Thick as Thieves (Turner novel) - Netflix

Thick as Thieves is a 2017 young adult fantasy novel by Megan Whalen Turner, published by Greenwillow Books. It is the fifth novel in the Queen's Thief series that Turner began with The Thief in 1996.

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The book picks up after the events of The Queen of Attolia when the Medes failed to establish Queen Attolia as a puppet ruler. Nahuseresh, the Medean ambassador to Attolia, and his slave Kamet were forced to flee the country after the botched invasion. Due to his failure in Attolia, Nahuseresh has fallen out of favor with his powerful brother, the heir to the Medean throne. After angering his master, Kamet is offered a chance to escape slavery by a mysterious foreigner who claims he was sent by the king of Attolia. At first Kamet is reluctant to leave his prestigious position as head secretary to Nahuseresh. However, fellow slave Laela warns him that their master has been poisoned, and he flees with the Attolian soldier (who is later revealed to be Costis from The King of Attolia) to avoid being executed with Nahuseresh's other slaves. As the two travel across the desert, they must avoid the emperor's soldiers and Kamet must somehow prevent Costis from finding out that Nahuseresh is dead.

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