A story revolves around 24-year-old Makoto who dreams of becoming a pilot. As he has social phobia, he is leading a stay-at-home life for a long time. One day, however, a candid-camera and an encounter with a girl of the same name change his life

There is No Lie - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2017-03-07

There is No Lie - Lie algebra - Netflix

In mathematics, a Lie algebra (pronounced “Lee”) is a vector space

g                                {\displaystyle {\mathfrak {g}}}   together with a non-associative, alternating bilinear map                                           g                          ×                              g                          →                              g                          ;        (        x        ,        y        )        ↦        [        x        ,        y        ]              {\displaystyle {\mathfrak {g}}\times {\mathfrak {g}}\rightarrow {\mathfrak {g}};(x,y)\mapsto [x,y]}  , called the Lie bracket, satisfying the Jacobi identity.

Lie algebras are closely related to Lie groups, which are groups that are also smooth manifolds, with the property that the group operations of multiplication and inversion are smooth maps. Any Lie group gives rise to a Lie algebra. Conversely, to any finite-dimensional Lie algebra over real or complex numbers, there is a corresponding connected Lie group unique up to covering (Lie's third theorem). This correspondence between Lie groups and Lie algebras allows one to study Lie groups in terms of Lie algebras. Lie algebras and their representations are used extensively in physics, notably in quantum mechanics and particle physics. Lie algebras were so termed by Hermann Weyl after Sophus Lie in the 1930s. In older texts, the name infinitesimal group is used.

There is No Lie - Lie ring - Netflix

A Lie ring arises as a generalisation of Lie algebras, or through the study of the lower central series of groups. A Lie ring is defined as a nonassociative ring with multiplication that is anticommutative and satisfies the Jacobi identity. More specifically we can define a Lie ring

[        x        ,        y        ]        =        x        y        −        y        x              {\displaystyle [x,y]=xy-yx}  . Conversely to any Lie algebra there is a corresponding ring, called the universal enveloping algebra.

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