Written by Alex Cary, The Watcher is a psychological thriller based on real events surrounding a young couple and their two children who move into their dream home in a small town, only to be terrorized by anonymous letters and sinister threats, and trapped in the web of a dangerous mystery.

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: In Development

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: None

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The Watcher in the Woods is a 1980 British-American horror film directed by John Hough and Vincent McEveety, and starring Bette Davis, Carroll Baker, Lynn-Holly Johnson, Kyle Richards, and David McCallum. Based on the 1976 novel of the same name by Florence Engel Randall, the film tells the story of a teenage girl and her little sister who become encompassed in a supernatural mystery regarding a missing girl in the woods surrounding their new home in the English countryside. Filmed at Pinewood Studios and the surrounding areas in Buckinghamshire, England, The Watcher in the Woods was one of several live-action films produced by Walt Disney Productions in the 1980s, when the studio was targeting young adult audiences. The film suffered from various production problems and was pulled from theatres after its initial release in 1980. It was re-released in 1981 after being re-edited and a revised ending added.

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List of films featuring eclipses The Watcher in the Woods (2017 film), a second adaptation of the book

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