A six part series presented by climate adventurer Bernice Notenboom who travels around the world from the Greenland Ice-sheet to Africa, The Himalayas, The High Arctic, Oceania and The Amazon Rainforest.

The Tipping Points - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: None

The Tipping Points - Rain gauge - Netflix

A rain gauge (also known as an udometer, pluviometer, or an ombrometer) is an instrument used by meteorologists and hydrologists to gather and measure the amount of liquid precipitation over a set period of time.

The Tipping Points - Standard rain gauge - Netflix

The standard NWS rain gauge, developed at the start of the 20th century, consists of a funnel emptying into a graduated cylinder, 2 cm in radius, which fits inside a larger container which is 20 cm in diameter and 50 cm tall. If the rainwater overflows the graduated inner cylinder, the larger outer container will catch it. When measurements are taken, the height of the water in the small graduated cylinder is measured, and the excess overflow in the large container is carefully poured into another graduated cylinder and measured to give the total rainfall. Sometimes a cone meter is used to prevent leakage that can result in alteration of the data. In locations using the metric system, the cylinder is usually marked in mm and will measure up to 250 millimetres (9.8 in) of rainfall. Each horizontal line on the cylinder is 0.5 millimetres (0.02 in). In areas using Imperial units each horizontal line represents 0.01 inch.

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