The comedy duo give ther unique take on a variety of subjects

The Rubberbandits Guide to Everything - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2016-11-07

The Rubberbandits Guide to Everything - Malcolm Hardee - Netflix

Malcolm Hardee (5 January 1950 – 31 January 2005) was an English comedian, author, comedy club proprietor, compère, agent, manager and “amateur sensationalist”. His high reputation among his peers rests on his outrageous publicity stunts and on the help and advice he gave to successful British alternative comedians early in their careers, acting as “godfather to a generation of comic talent in the 1980s”. Fellow comic Rob Newman called him “a hilarious, anarchic, living legend; a millennial Falstaff”, while Stewart Lee wrote that “Malcolm Hardee is a natural clown who in any decent country would be a national institution” and Arthur Smith described him as “a South London Rabelais” and claimed that “everything about Malcolm, apart from his stand-up act, was original”. Though an accomplished comic, Hardee was arguably more highly regarded as a “character”, a compère and talent-spotting booker at his own clubs, particularly The Tunnel Club in Greenwich, South East London, which gave vital and early exposure to up-and-coming comedians during the early years of British alternative comedy. In its obituary, The Times opined that “throughout his life he maintained a fearlessness and an indifference to consequences” and one journalist claimed: “To say that he has no shame is to drastically exaggerate the amount of shame that he has”. In a publicity quote printed in Hardee's autobiography I Stole Freddie Mercury's Birthday Cake, Arthur Smith wrote that Hardee had “led his life as though for the perfect autobiography and now he has paid himself the compliment of writing it.”

The Rubberbandits Guide to Everything - The Annual Malcolm Hardee Awards - Netflix

The Malcolm Hardee Award for Comic Originality is given annually at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival “for comic originality of thought or performance”. It is said that it will be presented until 2017. Winners so far have been: 2005 – Reggie Watts 2006 – No award presented 2007 – Doktor Cocacolamcdonalds 2008 – Edward Aczel (nominees: Edward Aczel, Aindreas de Staic, The Fringe Box Office, Peter Buckley Hill, Otto Kuhnle) 2009 – Otto Kuhnle (nominees: Three Gaga Heads, Tim Key, Otto Kuhnle, Joey Page, George Ryegold) 2010 – Robert White (nominees: Dr Brown, Bo Burnham, Lewis Schaffer, Bob Slayer, Robert White) 2011 – Johnny Sorrow (nominees: Dr Brown, James Hamilton, Bob Slayer, Johnny Sorrow) 2012 – The Rubberbandits (nominees James Hamilton, The Rubberbandits, Simon Munnery) 2013 – Adrienne Truscott (nominees Ursula Burns, Red Bastard, Adrienne Truscott) 2014 – Candy Gigi (nominees The Birdmann, Michael Brunström, Candy Gigi) 2015 – Michael Brunström (nominees Michael Brunström, Richard Gadd, The Story Beast, Mr Twonkey/Paul Vickers) 2016 – Mr Twonkey/Paul Vickers (nominees The Baby (in Come Look at The Baby), Foxdog Studios, Arthur Smith (comedian), Mr Twonkey) 2017 – Terry Alderton (nominees Terry Alderton, Rob Kemp, Elf Lyons, Mark Dean Quinn. The Malcolm Hardee Cunning Stunt Award is given for the best Fringe publicity stunt of the year. Winners so far have been: 2008 – Gill Smith, awarded retrospectively in 2009, for nominating herself for a Malcolm Hardee award and putting “Malcolm Hardee Award Nominee” on her posters 2009 – Lewis Schaffer, after convincing several publications he was sponsoring the Edinburgh Comedy Awards (or “Lewies”) for the modest sum of £99 (nominees: Lewis Schaffer, Shed Simove, Oliver Moore, Jennifer Warren and Charlotte Jo Hanbury) 2010 – Stewart Lee, for successfully encouraging people to vote for little-known Japanese act Frank Chickens in a poll for best fringe performer (nominees: Stewart Lee, Manos The Greek, Arthur Smith) 2011 – Kunt and the Gang and Bob Slayer, for getting fans to put stickers depicting penises on the posters of rival acts (nominees: Tim FitzHigham, Kunt and the Gang, Sanderson Jones) 2012 – Stuart Goldsmith, for YouTube videos about the censorship of his show Prick (nominees Nathan Cassidy, Chris Dangerfield, Stuart Goldsmith) 2013 – Barry Ferns, for printing fake copies of Broadway Baby which gave his show 6-out-of-5 star reviews and reported that his show had been nominated for the Fosters Comedy Awards, in both the main category and the newcomer category. (nominees Barry Ferns, Richard Herring, Lewis Schaffer, Gareth Morinan) 2014 – Christian Talbot, for using his 12-year-old daughter Kate to go up to strangers, looking sad, asking them, “Have you seen my daddy?”, and if they said “No” she would hand out flyers to them. (nominees Luke McQueen, Mark Dean Quinn, Christian Talbot) 2015 – Matt Roper, for hacking into the Facebook account of Malcolm Hardee judge Kate Copstick and posting fake messages “bigging himself up”. (nominees Miss Behave, Matt Roper, Abigoliah Schamaun) 2016 – Becky Fury, for claiming on her flyer she was a 'Last Minute Comedy finalist’ - implying it was for the last awards when, in fact, it was for a Hertfordshire comedy club contest (nominees Becky Fury, Richard Gadd, Arthur Smith) 2017 – Mark Dean Quinn, for putting other acts’ stars and quotes on his own flyers and thus undermining the ’star’ system (nominees Damian Kingsley, Martha McBrier, Mark Dean Quinn) The Malcolm Hardee 'Act Most Likely to Make a Million Quid' Award was started in 2010 2010 – Bo Burnham (nominees: Bo Burnham, Greg Davies) 2011 – Benet Brandreth (nominees: Benet Brandreth, Josh Widdicombe) 2012 – Trevor Noah (nominees Tim FitzHigham, Trevor Noah, The Rubberbandits) 2013 – No award presented 2014 – Luisa Omielan (nominees Luisa Omielan, Peter Buckley Hill (would have won 'The Malcolm Hardee 'Act Least Likely to Win a Million Quid' Award’)) 2015 – Laurence Owen (nominees Sarah Callaghan, Phil Ellis, Laurence Owen, Al Porter) 2016 - ’The Baby' (nominees Foxdog Studios, Al Porter, Arthur Smith; The Baby was added in by the judges after the nominations were first announced) 2017 - Rob Kemp (nominees Rob Kemp, Al Porter) The Malcolm Hardee ‘Pound of Flesh' Award was given in 2013 to an act which created “the kind of publicity money cannot – and perhaps should not – buy” 2013 – Gareth Ellis (and Richard Rose), for faking a story that they had been attacked in the street following bad reviews, which involved Rose punching Ellis so he got a black eye.

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