The Ropers is a spinoff from Three's Company (1977) and follows Stanley and Helen Roper, the owners of a new condo in a ritzy neighborhood. His neighbor, balding realtor Jeffrey P. Brooks III, felt that the earthy Roper was downgrading the neighborhood. Helen Roper, socially aspiring but ever frustrated by Stanley's crass ways, found a supporting friend in Jeffrey's wife, Anne.

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Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1979-03-13

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The following is a list of major characters in the American television series Three's Company (1977–84).

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Chrissy's personality was an exaggerated characterization of the “dumb blonde” stereotype, as evidenced by her repeated confusion and misunderstandings, malapropisms, and girlish behavior. Chrissy is depicted as being quick to laugh at her own jokes, and quick to cry in an exaggerated, whining fashion (as a young child would do). Chrissy's behavior was reflected somewhat by her cousin, and eventual replacement, Cindy Snow, although Cindy was more klutzy, and less dim. Chrissy is modeled as an ingenue, a minister's daughter who seeks her fortune in the big city. As the naif, she frequently and unknowingly makes suggestive double entendres and is often oblivious to the attention she receives from ill-intentioned men. Her roommate Janet remarked that Chrissy totally fell apart at the littlest hint of “sweet talk.” In one episode, Chrissy was picked up by a police officer who assumed she was a prostitute, despite her innocence and good intentions. Regarding the character's look, for season three the makeup artist said that Chrissy should have snow-white hair, pink cheeks and dark eyes, and Somers suggested the hairstyle of an Afghan hound, and her signature side ponytail was created to hide an over-bleaching mishap.

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