The Rich and The Ruthless is the only black owned daytime drama in the industry, also known as "the stories", is operated by tight fisted, debonair, self-made, Augustus Barringer. When greedy studio executives inform that The Rich and the Ruthless is getting booted off the sound stages for another talk show after twenty years, Augustus Barringer is ready to fight back on another level to stay on the air, even if it means filming his quirky soap opera out of his sleek Hollywood mansion…temporarily. And before moving the company to Jamaica! The Rich and the Ruthless isn't just a soap-within-a-soap it's a sudser with soul and a family drama!

The Rich and the Ruthless - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: In Development

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2017-07-28

The Rich and the Ruthless - Operation Ruthless - Netflix

Operation Ruthless was the name of a deception operation devised by Ian Fleming in the British Admiralty during World War II, in an attempt to gain access to German Naval Enigma codebooks.

The Rich and the Ruthless - The plan - Netflix

In September, Fleming wrote a note to Godfrey which read:

I suggest we obtain the loot by the following means: 1. Obtain from Air Ministry an air-worthy German bomber. 2. Pick a tough crew of five, including a pilot, W/T operator and word-perfect German speaker. Dress them in German Air Force uniform, add blood and bandages to suit. 3. Crash plane in the Channel after making S.O.S. to rescue service in P/L. 4. Once aboard rescue boat, shoot German crew, dump overboard, bring rescue boat back to English port. In order to increase the chances of capturing an R. or M. with, its richer booty, the crash might be staged in mid-Channel. The Germans would presumably employ one of this type for the longer and more hazardous journey. F. 12.9-40. The plan was that the German bomber would follow on behind aircraft returning from a night bombing raid. When crossing the middle of the English Channel, it would cut one engine and lose height with smoke pouring from a 'candle' in the tail, send out a SOS distress signal and then ditch in the sea. The crew would then take to a rubber dinghy, having ensured that the bomber sank before the Germans could identify it, and wait to be rescued by a German naval vessel. When on board the 'survivors' would then kill the German crew, and hijack the ship, thus obtaining the Enigma documentation. A Heinkel 111 was available for this operation. The aircraft, Werk Nr. 6853, had been captured in airworthy condition after being operated by the German bomber unit, Kampfgeschwader 26. On 9 February 1940, it had made a forced landing near North Berwick Law after being damaged by a Spitfire over the Firth of Forth. It was subsequently assigned the Royal Air Force serial number AW177 and flown by the RAF's Air Fighting Development Unit and 1426 Flight. Fleming had proposed himself as one of the crew but, as someone who knew about Bletchley Park, he could not be placed at risk of being captured. The aircraft was prepared with an aircrew of German-speaking Englishmen. The operation was planned for the early part of the month because it was known that the code sheets were changed at the start of each month.

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