Alison and her step-brother, Roger, are spending a few weeks of the summer in Wales at a house formerly owned by Alison's late father. After discovering a set of dinner plates in the attic, Alison traces the plates' flower pattern onto paper, discovering that they fold in turn into owls. Soon, the house starts to reveal hidden secrets, compelling Alison to experience an ancient legend brought back to life...

The Owl Service - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1969-12-21

The Owl Service - The Owl Service (band) - Netflix

The Owl Service was an English alternative folk music collective formed in 2006 by multi-instrumentalist Steven Collins (who led the band for its entire 10 year duration), named after the 1967 novel by Alan Garner.

The Owl Service - Personnel - Netflix

Steven Collins – electric, acoustic and bass guitars, banjo, vocals, keyboards, drones, percussion, drums, synths, recording, mixing, mastering (2006-2016) Diana Collier – vocals (2007-2016) Dom Cooper – vocals (2007-2012) Katie English – flute, percussion (2008-2012) Jo Lepine – vocals (2007-2016) Jason Steel – acoustic guitar, banjo, vocals (2008-2012) Nancy Wallace – acoustic guitar, concertina, vocals (2007-2016) Other occasional members of the collective on record and/or as part of the live band include Alison O'Donnell, Joolie Wood, Martyn Kember-Smith, Rebsie Fairholm, Pamela Wyn Shannon, Mark Patterson, Mark Offord, Simon Green, Simon Sparrow, Adam Leonard, Laura Hulse, Michelle Bappoo, Roshi Nasehi and Magnus Dearness.

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