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The Morning Show - Netflix

Type: News

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 150 minutes

Premier: 2007-06-18

The Morning Show - The DVE Morning Show - Netflix

The DVE Morning Show (currently branded Randy Baumann and the DVE Morning Show) is a morning radio comedy and variety show broadcast on Pittsburgh classic rock station 102.5 FM WDVE featuring DJ and comedian Randy Baumann. The show began airing in the 6:00-10:00 am weekday morning drive slot in late 1986 after the cancellation of Jimmy and Steve in the Morning (from which the show draws inspiration from). Originally hosted by Scott Paulsen, the show would go on to be hosted by the team of Paulsen and Jim Krenn from 1988 to 1999, briefly by Krenn solo, then by the team of Krenn and Baumann from 2000 to 2011. Since late December 2011, Baumann has hosted the program solo. Additionally, many newsreaders, sportscasters and other members have come and gone during the show's run. In its nearly thirty years of existence, the DVE Morning Show has consistently remained one of (if not the) most popular morning radio shows in the Pittsburgh radio market. Though the show has changed personnel several times, the same basic formula of comedy bits, celebrity impersonations, telephone interviews, in-studio guests, unusual news items, sports coverage and promotion of local music and comedy has remained and been the key to the show's continued success.

The Morning Show - Discography - Netflix

The Wild & the Innocent (Paulsen and Krenn) (1989) Hangin' Out N Nat (Paulsen and Krenn) (1990) Drink Me! (Paulsen and Krenn) (1991) Ridin' With the Pack (Paulsen and Krenn) (1992) DVE TV: Television Without the Picture (Paulsen and Krenn) (1993) No Harmful Side Effects (Paulsen and Krenn) (1994) Wizards of Odd (Paulsen and Krenn) (1995) Twisted (Paulsen and Krenn) (1996) Former Altar Boys (Paulsen and Krenn) (1997) Almost Live (Paulsen and Krenn) (1998) 11 (Paulsen and Krenn) (1999) He's From Here (Krenn) (2000) What a Pair (Krenn and Baumann) (2001) Doublewide (Krenn and Baumann) (2002) Have a Good One (Krenn and Baumann) (2003) Live at Nick's Fat City (Krenn and Baumann) (2004) Louder, Harder, Sicker (Krenn and Baumann) (2004) Pittsburgh Hold'Em (Krenn and Baumann) (2005) Head Trip (Krenn and Baumann) (2006) Reloaded (Krenn and Baumann) (2007) Last Minute Gift (Baumann) (MP3 only, 2012)

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