The Last Shot is a documentary series that follows the lives of American and Mexican basketball players whose careers have been derailed, as they travel south of the border in search of one last opportunity to make a living playing the game they love. The series follows three teams to cash-prize tournaments all across rural Mexico, where the rules are constantly changing, fights and corruption are common, and cartel involvement is always just beneath the surface. Players experience foreign food, cultural differences and exotic locations, all in the hopes of being spotted by professional scouts, and one last chance to resurrect their broken dreams.

The Last Shot - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2017-08-07

The Last Shot - The Last Shot (1951 film) - Netflix

The Last Shot (German: Der letzte Schuß) is a 1951 West German drama film directed by Franz Seitz and starring Angelika Hauff, Viktor Staal and Heinrich Gretler. It is part of the post-war group of heimatfilm, set in rural Southern Germany. It was made by a Munich-based independent company. It was produced by the director's son Franz Seitz. Location shooting took place around the Schliersee in Bavaria. The film's sets were designed by Ernst H. Albrecht and Arne Flekstad.

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Angelika Hauff as Hanni Manhard Viktor Staal as Thomas Scharrer Heinrich Gretler as Scharrer, Neuwirt Adolf Gondrell as Forstmeister Manhard Gustl Gstettenbaur as Jäger Martin Hans Terofal as Quirin, Knecht beim Neuwirt Georg Vogelsang as Gröberbauer Georg Bauer as Jäger Bartl Elise Aulinger as Gröberbäuerin Ilse Fitz as Loni, Tochter vom Gröberhof Paula Braend as Frau Manhard Theodolinde Müller as Afra, Sennerin

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