Edmond Dantes, a young Marseilles seaman, has just returned home and is preparing to marry. But his enemies rig a treason charge against him and his long imprisonment begins.

The Count of Monte Cristo - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1964-10-04

The Count of Monte Cristo - The Count of Monte Cristo (musical) - Netflix

The Count of Monte Cristo is a musical based on the famed novel of the same name, with influences from the 2002 film adaptation of the book. The music is written by Frank Wildhorn and the lyrics and book are by Jack Murphy.

The Count of Monte Cristo - Act I - Netflix

Dantès returns home and is greeted by his fiancée Mercédès and best friend Fernand Mondego. When Morrell asks what has become of the captain, Danglars, the first mate of the ship, reveals that the captain is dead and Dantès disobeyed orders by bringing him to Elba. Instead of becoming upset, Morrell commends Dantès and promotes him to captain. Danglars becomes furious and plots revenge on Dantès. Now that Dantès has been made captain he does not have to wait to marry Mercédès and the two revel in the news (“When Love is True”). Mondego is also in love with Mercédès and secretly hates Dantès for his engagement to her. Having knowledge of the letter given to Dantès by Nepoleon, something considered an act of treason, Danglars recruits Mondego in his plot to ruin Dantès. At his home, Dantès celebrates his promotion and engagement with Mercédès, his family, and friends (“Raise A Glass”). Suddenly, the party is interrupted by Gendarmes who place Dantès under arrest for being a Bonapartist. Dantès' friends refuse to give him up, but Dantès agrees to go willingly, believing it is simply a mistake and he will be returned home. Before Dantès leaves, he asks Mondego to take care of Mercédès until he returns. Dantès is taken to the chief magistrate, Gérard de Villefort. After much interrogation Villefort is convinced that Dantès is innocent and prepares to set him free. However, before letting Dantès go, Villefort asks him for the identity of the man Napoleon's letter was to be delivered to. Villefort is horrified when Dantès, unwittingly, reveals the recipient as Villefort's father. Fearing the destruction of his own reputation, Villefort retracts his decision to set Dantès free and sentences him to life imprisonment in the island prison, Château d'If. Danglars and Mondego are revealed to be responsible for alerting Villefort and having Dantès arrested. The three men meet and explain how their actions are justified by the rules of human nature stating that only the strong survive, and how it was the only way to get what they wanted: Danglars, his captain-ship; Mondego, the chance to court Mercédès; and Villefort, his reputation (“A Story Told”). Dantès is branded and thrown into his prison cell. Meanwhile, Mercédès prays for his return. Both vow to always be there for each other, no matter how far the distance between them (“I Will Be There”). Years pass and Dantès remains locked away, slowly losing all hope of returning home. Back in Marseille, Mondego has been trying to win over Mercédès to no avail. Realizing she would never betray Dantès knowing he is alive, he tells her that Dantès has been executed (“Every Day a Little Death”). One day, Dantès is awoken by strange noises. An old man suddenly breaks through the stone and raises through the floor of Dantès' cell. The old man introduces himself as Abbé Faria and explains that he had been tunneling his way to freedom, but accidentally chose the wrong direction and ended up in Dantès' cell. Faria requests Dantès' help in digging the tunnel and in return offers Dantès, who is illiterate, a proper education. Dantès agrees and the two prisoners begin digging, in the right direction, while Faria teaches Dantès mathematics, philosophy, military strategy, literature, economics, and hand-to-hand combat. The two men quickly form a friendship and share the stories of their lives before their imprisonment. Faria reveals he was once a priest and academic who served the immensely wealthy Count Chésele Spada, and was granted knowledge of where the Count had hidden away his fortune: on the remote island of Monte Cristo. Faria promises to share the treasure with Dantès in return for his assistance. (“Lessons Learned”). The tunnel suddenly collapses, mortally wounding Faria. As he lays dying in Dantès' arms he grants Dantès the entire fortune on Monte Cristo. They share a dream they know will never come to pass: both of them free and surrounded by riches. Faria asks that Dantès forgive and forget, but Dantès can't bring himself to do so; he wants revenge. (“When We Are Kings”). When the prison guards discover Faria has died they put him in a body bag. When they leave to get a chart to wheel the body out, Dantès switches places with the corpse. The guards return and, not noticing the difference, throw Dantès into the sea. Dantès is picked up by a pirate ship, captained by the smuggler Luisa Vampa. Vampa forces Dantès to knife fight with Jacopo, a member of the crew. Due to his training with Faria, Dantès easily defeats his opponent, but refuses to kill him. Vampa allows both men to live, and Jacopo vows to serve Dantès forever. Dantès asks the pirates to drop him and Jacopo off on the island of Monte Cristo (“Pirates - Truth Or Dare”). Once on the island, Dantès finds Spada's treasure and reinvents himself as the wealthy Count of Monte Cristo (“The Treasure / When We Are Kings - Reprise”) Mercédès has been in a loveless marriage with Mondego for many years, and the two of them have a son named Albert, who has just turned eighteen. Albert begs his mother for permission to attend Carnival in Rome, but she refuses believing he is too young and would be without a chaperone. Mondego cares very little for his son, and quickly agrees when Albert asks him for permission. Once left alone, Mercédès muses on her unhappy marriage (“When the World was Mine”). Dantès, as the Count of Monte Cristo, arrives in Paris and buys an extravagant mansion. He surrounds himself with beautiful women who dance for him, but finds little enjoyment in it (“Dance The Tarantella”). Jacopo returns from a mission given to him by Dantès, to discover what has become of the men who betrayed him. Jacopo divulges that Danglars has become a Baron, who bought out Morrell's company, and Villefort has become chief prosecutor in Paris; but he is reluctant to speak of Mondego or Mercédès. When Dantès demands to know of Mercédès, Jacopo tells him of her marriage to Mondego and of their son, Albert. Dantès, overcome with rage, vows a terrible revenge on all who betrayed him, including Mercédès (“Hell to Your Doorstep”).

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