Fly-on-the wall documentary series following the ups and downs of Swansea call centre CEO Nev Wilshire and his staff of extraordinary characters.

The Call Centre - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2013-06-04

The Call Centre - I Get This Call Every Day - Netflix

I Get This Call Every Day is a point-and-click video game developed, programmed, and published by Toronto-based developer David S Gallant. It was released for Microsoft Windows and OS X on December 21, 2012. It focuses on a call received by an employee of a customer service call centre; the player must navigate through the call without irritating the caller or breaking confidentiality laws. Gallant was fired from his job at a call centre as a direct result of publishing the game.

The Call Centre - Firing from the CRA - Netflix

Shortly after the game's release, it picked up press traction in Gallant's hometown of Toronto. A January 29, 2013 front-page feature in the Toronto Star explicitly made the link between Gallant's part-time job with the CRA and the narrative of the game, which has no obvious ties to any government agency. The CRA's communications director, Clarke Olsen, told the Star that National Revenue Minister, Gail Shea, “considers this type of conduct offensive and completely unacceptable”. Gallant was fired from this role at the CRA following the Star's story. Jim McGinley, organizer of TOJam, kept a blog of Gallant's treatment following the publication of I Get This Call Every Day, arguing he was punished for his choice of medium: “If David had written a short story, directed a movie, or did some stand-up inspired by his boring job he'd still be employed. In fact, he'd be celebrated.” Speaking to Polygon, he argued that Shea's outrage indicated she had not personally experienced the game, and Mathew Kumar of Torontoist wrote that “Playing the game itself makes it clear that it was no attempt to get fired”. Following press around Gallant's firing, sales of the game increased. Popular Let's Play channels on YouTube, such as The Yogscast, released videos based on the game.

The Call Centre - References - Netflix