The Adventures of Ellery Queen, the first Ellery Queen TV series, began on the DuMont Television Network then moved to ABC. As the show was broadcast live from Hollywood few of the 91 episodes are known to currently exist.

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Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1950-10-26

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Ellery Queen is an American TV series, developed by Richard Levinson and William Link, who based it on the fictional character of the same name. The series ran on NBC from September 11, 1975, to April 4, 1976 featuring the titular fictional sleuth. The series stars Jim Hutton as the titular character, and David Wayne as his father, Inspector Richard Queen. Every episode revolves around author Queen investigating a murder, usually with the assistance of his father. The series uses some of the same dramatic devices found in the early Queen novels and radio shows. This includes Hutton breaking the fourth wall, to challenge the viewer to solve the mystery; this is one of the series' most notable features, which has helped it gain a cult following, despite its short run.

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Richard Levinson and William Link had previously written a pilot based on the Ellery Queen character, Ellery Queen: Don't Look Behind You, also produced by Universal. The pilot, directed by Barry Shear, aired as a television movie on NBC on November 19, 1971. Peter Lawford and Harry Morgan had portrayed Ellery and Inspector McQueen, respectively, with E. G. Marshall and Stefanie Powers in co-starring roles, and Bill Zuckert as Sgt. Velie. However, Levinson and Link did not like the changes to the script made by producer Leonard Ackerman, and used the pseudonym “Ted Leighton” as the credited writer. NBC did not order a series from the pilot. In 1974, Levinson and Link retooled their idea into a new pilot, this time with Jim Hutton and David Wayne as Ellery and Inspector Queen. A television pilot premiered on March 23, 1975, with the made-for-TV movie Ellery Queen: Too Many Suspects. Levinson and Link adapted the script from the 1965 Ellery Queen novel The Fourth Side of the Triangle. NBC ordered a series based on the pilot in May 1975. A total of 22 episodes followed in the show's single season. The theme music was by Elmer Bernstein. The last episode aired on April 4, 1976, after which NBC cancelled the series. The series ranked 68 out of 97 shows that season. Levinson and Link later retooled the idea of an author and amateur sleuth who solves murders, with a list of notable and up-and-coming guest stars, into the long-running CBS series, Murder, She Wrote.

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