The show follows Mário Magalhães, a psychotherapist, through his weekly meetings with his patients, including his appointment with his own therapist.

Terapia - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Portuguese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 35 minutes

Premier: 2016-01-04

Terapia - Sessão de Terapia - Netflix

Sessão de Terapia was a Brazilian television series written and directed by actor Selton Mello and based on the Israeli series BeTipul, created by Israeli psychologist Hagai Levi. It is also based on he American version of the series, In Treatment. It debuted on 1 October 2012 at GNT, at 10 pm and ended on 30 November, with a total of 45 episodes. In June 2013, the series official Facebook page confirmed a second season, which began to be shot on the third day of that month. It debuted on 7 October and ended on 22 November, after 35 episodes. After a third season with 35 episodes, Sessão de Terapia was discontinued in 2014.

Terapia - Season 1 (2012) - Netflix

Terapia - References - Netflix