Talking Telephone Numbers was a British game show that was produced by Celador and Carlton and aired on ITV from 28 February 1994 to 22 December 1997. It was originally hosted by Phillip Schofield and Emma Forbes, and later by Claudia Winkleman. The programme featured five games, each designed to generate a number. These numbers were combined towards the end of the programme to form a five-digit code. Viewers with telephone numbers where the last 5 digits matched the code could then phone in to try to win a cash prize.

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Type: Game Show

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1994-02-28

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The New Zealand telephone numbering plan describes the allocation of telephone numbers in New Zealand and the Pitcairn Islands.

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Telephone numbers for mobile phones begin with 02, followed by seven to nine digits (usually eight). The first few digits after the 02 indicate the original mobile network that issued the number. Telephone numbers must always be dialled in full for mobile phones. In the late 1990s however, Telecom mobile phones could dial other Telecom mobile phones without the (then) 025 prefix, making 025 act like a landline area code. Orcon no longer provide mobile services, these prefixes are now under Skinny. Accelero no longer provide mobile services, these prefixes are now under Skinny. The introduction of mobile number portability on 1 April 2007 meant that an increasing number of mobiles will be operating on a different network to that which originally assigned the number. To find out whether a particular number belongs to a specific network provider, one can text the mobile number of interest to 300. It is a free service provided by 2degrees. A reply will be sent to verify whether the number is operating on their network or not. Note: Some reports indicate this service will work for Vodafone and Spark, but as at 05/11/2014 only 2Degrees appears to support this service.

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