On "Tailgate Fan" we travel to stadiums across America to party with the people who put the FAN in FANATIC!

Tailgate Fan - Netflix

Type: Sports

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2013-10-03

Tailgate Fan - Fan (person) - Netflix

A fan, or fanatic, sometimes also termed aficionado or supporter, is a person who is enthusiastically devoted to something or somebody, such as a singer or band, a sports team, a genre, a politician, a book, a movie or an entertainer. Collectively, the fans of a particular object or person constitute its fanbase or fandom. They may show their enthusiasm in a variety of ways, such as by promoting the object of their interest, being members of a fan club, holding or participating in fan conventions, or writing fan mail. They may also engage in creative activities (“fan labor”) such as creating fanzines, writing fan fiction, making memes or drawing fan art.

Tailgate Fan - Musicals - Netflix

Popular musicals have their own particular sets of fans. Rent has boasted a sizable number of 'Rentheads' since its Broadway debut, and likewise those devoted to The Phantom of the Opera dub themselves 'Phans'.

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