In this adaptation of the famous novel, the Robinsons are stranded on a deserted island in the Pacific. They must create a new life for themselves with little hope of rescue, and deal with pirates and hostile natives.

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Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 1975-09-14

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The Swiss Family Robinson is an American action and adventure series that was broadcast during the 1975–76 TV season. The two-hour pilot for the series was first shown on April 15, 1975. Based upon the novel The Swiss Family Robinson, the pilot and its 20 subsequent episodes of the series were produced by Irwin Allen, who had earlier produced a futuristic adaptation of the same novel in the TV series Lost in Space.

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The series starred Martin Milner as Karl Robinson, the survivor of a shipwreck who found himself, his wife, and two sons stranded on a volcanic island. In one of her first acting performances, Helen Hunt co-starred as a young girl who was stranded on the island from the same shipwreck and taken in by the Robinson family. Befriending the Robinsons was Jeremiah Worth (played by Cameron Mitchell), a sailor who had survived on the island alone for seven years following an earlier shipwreck. The series was initially scheduled opposite NBC's Wonderful World of Disney and CBS's Three for the Road. In December 1975, CBS replaced Three for the Road with 60 Minutes which soon became a popular Sunday night staple. In addition to the tough competition, The Swiss Family Robinson was preempted several times and showed repeat episodes four times during its short run. The final original episode was telecast on April 4, 1976. Because the Canadian series of the same name had come first, this was shown in Britain and other international territories as Island Of Adventure.

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