Series charting the hectic lives of the hard-working traders of Swansea Market over three of the busiest months of their year

Swansea Market - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2013-05-10

Swansea Market - Cuisine of Gower - Netflix

The cuisine of Gower, a peninsula in south Wales, is based on ingredients grown, raised or collected on or around the peninsula. The cuisine is based on fresh ingredients with recipes based around a fish or meat dish. Until the twentieth century, the peninsula was virtually cut off from other markets due to poor roads, and no rail connection. The result was that Gower became self-sufficient in food. Gower people also developed their own dialect of English, known as the Gower dialect, and their own traditions, which have since died out. The population of the peninsula was employed in agriculture, fishing, labour on the farms and larger country estates, weaving and, in the north, coal mining and cockling. With the expansion of motorized transport and road improvements, Gower became a popular tourist destination. Many residents now travel from Gower to work in the nearby city of Swansea. Much of the agricultural produce is now sold at Swansea Market, local farmers' markets, and further afield.

Swansea Market - Ice Cream - Netflix

Other ice cream parlours include Verdi’s Ice Cream Parlour on Mumbles Promenade.

Ice cream can be eaten at Joe’s Ice Cream Parlour, which has been producing ice cream locally for 100 years. Fortes Ice Cream parlour at Bracelet Bay is the oldest ice cream parlour in Swansea and Gower.

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