This novel-based story revolves mainly around four people who are drawn to Seogwipo, Jeju for a project. Kim Jung Woo and Lee Soo Hyun first met when they were children but lost track of each other for numerous years. Years later when Jung Woo meets Soo Hyun, he falls in love with her but his feelings are not reciprocated. Soo Hyun doesn't realize until much later that she's drawn to Jung Woo as well.

Swallow the Sun - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Korean

Status: Ended

Runtime: 70 minutes

Premier: 2009-07-09

Swallow the Sun - Aleah Stanbridge - Netflix

Aleah Liane Stanbridge (1 July 1976 – 18 April 2016), better known mononymously as Aleah, or Aleah Starbridge, was a South African singer-songwriter based in Örebro, Sweden where she lived until her death. In 2009, she and Finnish guitarist Juha Raivio founded death/doom inspired band Trees of Eternity. Aleah became well known in the rock and metal genre for her collaborations such as Swallow the Sun and Amorphis.

Swallow the Sun - As a guest/session musician - Netflix

Krister Linder: Songs From The Silent Years (2006) - additional vocals on Don't Lose Your Way Omnimotion: Dream Wide Awake (2006) - additional vocals on Being, Days of Silence and Elves of Athoria Swallow the Sun: New Moon (2009) - guest vocals on Lights on the Lake Swallow the Sun: Emerald Forest and the Blackbird (2012) - guest vocals on Emerald Forest and the Blackbird and Labyrinth of London Coph Nia: Lashtal Lace (2015) - additional vocals on Lashtal Lace Amorphis: Under the Red Cloud (2015) - guest vocals on The Four Wise Ones and White Night Swallow the Sun: Songs from the North III (2015) - guest vocals on Heartstrings Shattering

Swallow the Sun - References - Netflix