A Swedish sketch comedy show.

Sverige dansar och ler - Netflix

Type: Variety

Languages: Swedish

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2007-04-20

Sverige dansar och ler - Filip Hammar and Fredrik Wikingsson - Netflix

Lars Filip Hammar (born March 26, 1975) and Fredrik Wikingsson (born August 16, 1973), commonly known as Filip and Fredrik, are two Swedish writers, television hosts and journalists both known for their youthful, though intellectual, humour and unconventional journalism. The duo has been celebrated for their relaxed and spontaneous style in front of the camera. As Filip explains: “We just turn on the camera and go”. Since 2002, Filip and Fredrik have together produced eleven different TV shows and, in the aftermath of the shows' successes in Sweden, written books. The duo owns, and works within, the company “Framgångsfabriken” (The Success Factory), started in 2001, which takes credit for their media appearances. The pair has had their sexuality questioned repeatedly by the people they interact with on camera. Although they are heterosexual, jokes about their would-be gay relationship has become a running gag.

Sverige dansar och ler - 2006–2007: The Kristallen awards and becoming more "folksy" - Netflix

2006 and 2007 were two eventful years for Filip and Fredrik. It started with their new program Ett herrans liv, a program where they celebrated different famous Swedish people. In that program they got the chance to meet the Swedish prime minister at that time, Göran Persson. According to Fredrik this was the thing that made them more “folksy” among the Swedish viewers. Filip and Fredrik was appointed 2006 years innovators by the Swedish television award Kristallen. And they also got one award for Grattis världen and one for season three of 100 höjdare. In the autumn, they reinvented the 100 höjdare concept and made it to a show where they met 10 eccentric persons in each episode. They were hosts for Rockbjörnen 2006 in January 2007. The spring continued with more Ett herrans liv and season five of 100 höjdare, where they expanded their search for unique people to Denmark and Norway. In September 2007 both the show Boston Tea Party and the animated sitcom Myggan premiered. Boston Tea Party was described as a “knowledge program on steroids” and “asks the questions you've always been thinking about but never dared to ask”. Myggan was an animated sitcom in style with The Simpsons and Family Guy. The sitcom featured and ridiculed a lot of famous Swedish people.

Sverige dansar och ler - References - Netflix