Andi Osho and Anna Richardson present the inside scoop on Britain's biggest brands and retailers, with money-saving revelations and tricks that companies use to try and avoid in the future.

Supershoppers - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2016-02-01

Supershoppers - Snip snap snorem - Netflix

Snip snap snorem, or snip snap snorum (sometimes hyphenated), is a matching-type card game, mostly played by children, and has several variants. The games date to the 18th century and probably derive from a more ancient drinking and gambling game.

Supershoppers - Jig - Netflix

A related game called jig is somewhat a cross between snip-snap and stops, in that the aim of succeeding players is not to match rank but to play the next higher card of the same suit, from ace low to king high. The leader plays any card and says “Snip”, and the next four able to continue the sequence announce respectively “snap”, “snorum”, “hicockalorum”, “jig”. The last turns down the five-card sequence and starts a new one. When a sequence cannot be continued because the last card was a King or the next card has been played out, the last player says “jig” regardless of position, and leads to the next round. As before, the first out of cards receives 1 counter for each card left in other players' hands.

Supershoppers - References - Netflix