While spending summer with his mother, Haru meets Ren, a boy newly adopted by his mother. Getting along with Ren isn't easy as Haru's goal is to "civilize" him by the time summer ends. Their relationship slowly improves as Haru spends more time with Ren and in return Ren steadily warms up to him. Can they really become a "family" at the end of summer!?

Super Lovers - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 25 minutes

Premier: 2016-04-06

Super Lovers - Super Dimensional Fortress Macross II: Lovers Again - Netflix

Super Dimensional Fortress Macross II: Lovers Again (超時空要塞マクロスII -LOVERS AGAIN-) was the first installment in the Macross franchise to feature a new cast of characters. Macross II was produced by Big West, with no involvement from the original series creators Studio Nue.

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