Chocolat Meilleure and Vanilla Mieux are two witches who are pitched in a contest to see who will become the new Queen of the Witch World. They must travel to the Human World and collect the hearts of humans. Whoever collects the most "human hearts" wins. Even though they're rivals, the two are still best friends. Join them on this adventure!

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Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 25 minutes

Premier: 2005-07-02

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Sugar Sugar Rune is a 2005 Japanese anime television series based on Moyoco Anno's award-winning manga series of the same name. The animated series was produced by Studio Pierrot under the direction of Matsushita Yukihiro and consists of fifty-one episodes. Scripts were composed by Reiko Yoshida while the musical score was supervised by Yasuharu Konishi. The series was first broadcast on TV Tokyo in Japan between July 2, 2005 and June 24, 2006. Three pieces of theme music are used—one opening theme and two closing themes. The opening theme is “Crazy for Chocolat” (ショコラに夢中, Shokora ni Muchū) by Karia Nomoto. The closing theme for the first twenty-nine episodes is “The World Beyond the Moon” (月の向こうの世界, Tsuki no Mukō no Sekai) by Karia Nomoto and the last twenty episodes is “Date Date” (デート☆デート, Dēto Dēto) by the series starring voice actresses Marika Matsumoto and Juri Ibata.

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