"Sueño de Amor" (Dream of Love) is the story of Hope and Ricardo, and his desire to be even sale years after having lived together the intensity of first love. But before we can be together, they will have to discover the secret that separated them. Hope is a teacher in two schools in the exclusive Institute Palacios and simple College Vasconcelos. Every day struggle for their children, students and the desire to build a school. Mexico Ricardo went chasing the American dream, but on the way encountered great obstacles. And although it was not in their plans, life led him to train as a Marine and became Interpol agent. In addition, having the privilege of being the father of two beautiful children: Rodrigo and Selena, whom he adores; although life with Tracy, his wife, has become a nightmare.

Ricardo tirelessly pursues "La Sombra" a terrible criminal, thief of art and jewels, and your search will find a track that will take undercover to the Institute Palacios, one of the schools that teaches Esperanza. Ricardo and Esperanza will fight for his dream of love. But besides its history, we know the different dreams, through the eyes of various characters that make up five unique families. We'll see love in all its facets, mature, innocent and youthful.

Sueño de amor - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Spanish

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2016-03-08

Sueño de amor - Betty Monroe - Netflix

Beatriz Monroy Alarcón, professionally known as Betty Monroe (born March 4, 1978) is a Mexican actress and model.

Sueño de amor - 2015-present; Sueño de amor - Netflix

In 2016, she has been confirmed to star in Juan Osorio's new production, Sueño de amor. She plays Esperanza Guerrero, a loving mother of two adolescents and the main protagonist of the telenovela.

Sueño de amor - References - Netflix