Streetlab is a program in which four friends do social experiments.

Streetlab - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: Dutch

Status: Running

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2015-03-02

Streetlab - Mixel Pixel - Netflix

Mixel Pixel was a music/video project based in Brooklyn, New York, active from 1995-2009. Formed in December 1995 in rural Minnesota, Mixel Pixel soon released their first home recorded 4 track cassettes, Lez Puff, Pastelogram, and Basement Mom. Later, they relocated to Delaware where they spent the next 4 years recording their first LP called Mappyland. Upon moving to New York in 1999, they made a string of homemade cut-and-paste rock LPs; Rainbow Panda, Contact Kid, Music For Plants, Let's Be Friends, and Highschool is not Hell. In 2007 Mixel Pixel toured with Of Montreal. Through the years they've also shared the stage with Man Man, Chromatics, Extreme Animals, Chairlift, Grand Buffet, Ra Ra Riot, Grizzly Bear, We Are Wolves, They Might Be Giants, HEALTH, and Pit er Pat. Mixel Pixel have collaborated on music videos with paperrad, Noah Lyon, Ricardo Rivera, Radical Friend, and Devin Clark. Mixel Pixel have remixed bands including Professor Murder and Of Montreal.

Streetlab - Let's Be Friends (2008) - Netflix

What Ever Happened to One Sinking Feeling Favorite Sweatshirt On Great Invention Let's Be Friends Cats You Could Be... So Regal (Tigershark Kiss) Fake Girlfriend Last Song Distant Station

Streetlab - References - Netflix