Street Justice revolves around a U.S. Army soldier turned metropolitan police detective, Adam Beaudreaux, and Grady Jameson, a martial arts expert. As a child, Grady saved Adam's life when he was wounded in Vietnam. After the encounter, the two never saw each other again and when Adam became a cop, he vowed to find the boy who saved his life. He eventually finds Grady and discovers that Grady's parents, who were Canadian missionaries in Vietnam, were killed and the boy was left to fend for himself. Adam gets Grady a job at a bar he owns with his friend, Malloy. Grady soon begins helping Adam on cases using the knowledge he picked up living on the streets along with his martial arts training.

Street Justice - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 1991-09-29

Street Justice - Laurence Street - Netflix

Commodore Sir Laurence Whistler Street, AC, KCMG, KStJ, QC (3 July 1926 – 21 June 2018) was an Australian jurist; formerly the fourteenth and second youngest Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and Lieutenant-Governor of New South Wales. He was the third consecutive generation of his family to have served New South Wales in these offices; the only such case in Australian history. Following retirement from the judiciary at age 62, Street became renowned as a pioneer of alternative dispute resolution, notably conducting the first mediation over the return to Australia of Aboriginal Australian human remains held by the National History Museum in London. Among a range of other offices, he served as Chairman of Fairfax Media and Director of Monte dei Paschi di Siena, the oldest bank in the world. A veteran of World War II, he was a Commander of the Royal Australian Naval Reserve for most of his career and was made an honorary Commodore in his final years.

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Street was born in Sydney, Australia, the son of Sir Kenneth Whistler Street and Jessie, Lady Street. He attended the Cranbook School in Bellevue Hill. At age 17, he lied about his age to take up service with the Royal Australian Navy and fight in World War II. Returning from the war, he studied law at Sydney Law School. Street became a barrister at the New South Wales Bar in 1951. As a barrister, he practised extensively in equity, commercial law and maritime law.

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