Ryu and Ken Masters are close friends and both are martial artists. In order to become better fighters and learn new techniques, they travel the world and are exposed to many different fighting styles, as well as meeting new people. During their journey, they find themselves caught up in a conspiracy perpetrated by a mysterious organisation called Shadowlaw, both now face their ultimate challenge and must fight for their lives as they combat the evil M. Bison.

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Street Fighter II: V - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: None

Status: Ended

Runtime: 25 minutes

Premier: 1995-04-10

Street Fighter II: V - Charlie (Street Fighter) - Netflix

Charlie Nash (チャーリー・ナッシュ, Chārī Nasshu) is a fictional character in the Street Fighter video game series. He was first mentioned in 1991's Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, in which he is established to be a deceased friend of Guile who was killed by M. Bison prior to the events of the game's tournament. He made his first appearance as a playable fighter in 1995's Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams, although he's been depicted in a few Street Fighter related media with varying character designs prior to debuting in the games. He is characterized as a member of the United States Air Force charged with finding M. Bison, and destroying his organization Shadaloo. As a playable character, his fighting style is similar to Guile's, sharing some of his signature special moves such as the Sonic Boom and the Somersault Kick.

Street Fighter II: V - Reception - Netflix

The character was well received by critics and fans of the series. In 2008, D. F. Smith of IGN ranked Charlie as 16th on their list of top Street Fighter fighters. He was ranked as 26th top Street Fighter character by Paul Furfari of UGO in 2010. That same year, European Street Fighter champion Ryan Hart ranked Charlie as the tenth best Street Fighter character. Heavy.com included him among top ten characters they wanted in Ultra Street Fighter IV, adding that he “has been a constant fan request for a while now.” In the official poll by Namco, Charlie has been the 21st most requested Street Fighter side character to be added to the roster of Tekken X Street Fighter, as of August 2012 raking up 5.20% of votes. In 2016, Korean player Infiltration used Charlie to win the Street Fighter V tournaments at EVO, Final Round, NorCal Regionals, and Red Bull Kumite.

Street Fighter II: V - References - Netflix