Anyone who has seen "The Wizard of Oz" knows that an oncoming tornado is nothing to trifle with, but "extreme filmmaker" Sean Casey takes viewers right into the heart of Tornado Alley and inside the storms themselves to capture valuable research data and unprecedented footage

Storm Chasers - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2007-10-17

Storm Chasers - Gary Green (baseball owner) - Netflix

Gary Green (born September 8, 1965) is an American businessman and entrepreneur. He is CEO of Alliance Building Services, one of the largest privately held building service providers in North America. In 2009, at the peak of his building services career, Green channeled his passion for baseball into Alliance Baseball LLC and has become a prominent investor and franchise owner in Minor League Baseball.

Storm Chasers - Omaha Storm Chasers - Netflix

In June 2012, Green leveraged his success with the Richmond Flying Squirrels into acquiring the Omaha Storm Chasers. Green successfully negotiated and closed the deal to buy the franchise from owners Warren Buffett, Walter Scott, Jr., and Bill Shea. Green’s ownership of the franchise ended a 21-year streak in which an Omahan had owned at least a piece of the team. Former Storm Chasers owner Warren Buffett was confident that Green’s record as a successful businessman and team owner would transfer over into the new venture and lauded Green's experience at a press conference announcing the change in ownership: “We know he’s a great owner, we know he has enormous enthusiasm for the game, and he loves Omaha,” Buffett said. “It doesn’t get better than that." Buffett continued, “After 21 years, we want someone who is going to keep it for the next 21 years or more, and he’s that sort of fella.”

Storm Chasers - References - Netflix