With a 14% increase in cases in the last year, fraudsters are on the increase in Scotland and they are finding new ways to con innocent people out of their hard earned cash.

Not all victims fit the stereotype of who we would expect to be scammed, like vulnerable sections of society.

New evidence actually shows that 31 to 40 year olds are the most likely group to be repeat victims of cons.

New forms of financial scams are appearing online all the time including ‘romance scams' and ‘fake government websites'.

While the Internet has become one of the main tools for scammers, postal contact and over the telephone still remains a major opportunity for con artists.

In the series of three 30 minute programmes, STV will highlight the increasing rise in financial scams and inform the public how they can better protect themselves against fraud, using real-life case studies to illustrate the extent of the issue.

Stopping Scotland's Scammers - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2015-03-02

Stopping Scotland's Scammers - Jackie Brambles - Netflix

Jackie Brambles (born 1 March 1967), formerly known as Jakki Brambles, is an English journalist, radio DJ and television presenter.

Stopping Scotland's Scammers - Career - Netflix

She then joined Capital Radio as its youngest DJ, and after a year on the evening show joined the BBC in 1988 as the first female presenter to get her own prime time show on the national pop network BBC Radio 1. She took on the Radio 1 early show, initially at weekends, before graduating to the weekday equivalent. She also joined her colleagues on the Top of the Pops presentation roster. When Sybil Ruscoe left her role as Simon Mayo's weather and travel reporter on the breakfast show, Brambles took over that slot, thereby keeping her on air every day over two separate programmes. On her own shows she sometimes worked standing up to maintain a more “live” feel, claiming she found it difficult to keep her demeanour lively enough if she was seated. The combination with Mayo worked well but a minor revamp in 1990 saw Brambles progress to a 90-minute drivetime show and then, when Gary Davies went to weekends, promotion to the important lunchtime slot. In 1990 she married a Scotsman named Jim Sherry and left BBC Radio 1 in 1994 to move to the United States, where she lived for 11 years. The marriage ended in 1999. There was a plan to make her an American showbiz reporter for the BBC but this never transpired. Instead she re-branded herself as the more maturely-spelt Jackie Brambles, and entered American broadcasting in San Francisco as a news radio morning anchor and occasional television news anchor for the CBS network. She also worked as a media consultant to several high-profile companies in Silicon Valley, including Intel, Oracle and Sony. Following a move to Los Angeles in 1999, she took on the role of foreign correspondent for GMTV, interviewing almost every major star in Hollywood as well as covering major news events including two presidential elections and the events of 9/11. Six months after returning to the UK in 2005, Brambles married David Todd, who works in financial services and had her first child. After leaving GMTV, she made several guest appearances on Loose Women in 2005. During Kaye Adams pregnancy in 2006, Brambles hosted the show in Adams' place, which led to her becoming the new leading host of the show. On 7 August 2009, she closed her final show, after presenting 316 episodes between 2005 and 2009. Brambles owns her own digital media business called Broadstance Digital Media Production. In June 2009, Brambles was a commentator on the political show This Week; her topic was girl power. Throughout 2009–2010, Brambles was also guest presenter of various shows on BBC Radio Scotland. From 2010 until 2012, she guest presented 16 episodes of the ITV Breakfast programme Lorraine. Since 2015 she has hosted the STV series Stopping Scotland's Scammers.

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