The microwave is a time machine. Okarin proved it. The self-anointed mad scientist nuked bananas into some gelatinous version of the future. Or maybe it was the past. Doesn't matter. No one thought he could do it, but he did it anyway. He sent text messages through time to people he knew. To his friends. Some of them female. Pretty. He should have been more careful. He should have stopped. Tampering with the time-space continuum attracts unwelcome attention. Clandestine organizations of nefarious origins take notice. SERN. Always watching. Okarin knows; he can feel their eyes. That s why he started the top secret Future Gadget Lab. To stop them. You should join. We get to wear lab coats, and it's dangerous. Danger is exciting because it's deadly. The microwave is a time machine. Steins;Gate is a surreal viewing experience that s an absolute must watch for all fans of sci-fi.

Steins Gate - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 25 minutes

Premier: 2011-04-06

Steins Gate - Steins;Gate: Darling of Loving Vows - Netflix

Steins;Gate: Darling of Loving Vows, known in Japan as Steins;Gate: Hiyoku Renri no Darling, is a visual novel video game developed by 5pb., originally released for the Xbox 360 in 2011, and then ported to multiple other platforms in 2012 and 2013. It is part of the Science Adventure series, and a spin-off from the 2009 game Steins;Gate. The game is a romantic comedy set in a different world from the one in the original Steins;Gate, where the player builds romantic relationships with Steins;Gate characters. By making certain choices and interacting with the player character's cell phone, the player can affect the direction of the plot. The game was produced by Naotaka Hayashi, and featured scenario supervision by Tatsuya Matsubara, as opposed to the original Steins;Gate, where 5pb.'s Chiyomaru Shikura planned the story on his own; after having worked on the anime adaptation of Steins;Gate, he realized that, with the game world being fully established, he could let other writers work on it and bring in new ideas. The Xbox 360 release sold well, helping the sales of the Xbox 360 console in Japan. Critics enjoyed the game's writing and art, but criticized the opening theme.

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