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Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 15 minutes

Premier: 2005-10-16

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This is a list of characters on the Adult Swim animated television series, Squidbillies.

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Boyd (Pete Smith) - The elderly, bearded clerk of the town convenience store. Early has robbed and shot him on numerous occasions, with Boyd aware the entire time who he is, but is too compliant to stop him. Despite being robbed constanting by Early, Boyd is friendly towards him. In “Crystal, Light” he even suggests Early take all his scratch-off tickets instead of picking only a few tickets to steal. In “Pile M for Murder”, he is shown to be a member of the Dougal County zoning board along with Early and The Sheriff. In the “Velvet Messiah”, it is revealed Boyd has a wife who he is apparently unable to satisfy anymore. His left hand being shot off is one of the series' running gags. Glenn (Dave Willis) - An employee at Dan Halen Industries. He is often assaulted by Early at work or at home. He is very protective of his wife whom Early often stalks and tries to seduce. In “Pile M for Murder” it is shown that he gets along with his boss Dan Halen, even tolerating and supportive of his boss murderous tendencies. In the exclusive episode “Glenn's Revenge”, his character is expanded upon considerably. It's revealed Glenn harbors a rivalry against Early, he's not well-known around the office (with another employee saying he's met him a dozen times and still doesn't know what his name is), he has a penchant for playing video games and smarting off at ten-year-olds, he watches TV and eats ice cream when he's rejected by his wife (also providing the first front-direct shot of him in the series), he can bore even the amicable Sheriff (providing also the first time the Sheriff has had major interaction with him), he's 41 years old, he had a Space Ghost lunchbox (that his mother said grew legs and ran away). In “Government Brain Voodoo Trouble”, Glenn portrays a “Therapist” to smooth out problems between Early and the Sheriff. But Glenn later reveals that he's not a “Therapist” at all. The sign on the door actually says, “The Rapist”. Glenn states he uses the office as a location where he can pursue BDSM fantasies and other sexual pursuits as well as being a tax write-off. However given “The Rapist” has a different voice actor (Jonathan Katz in an uncredited role) it is possible that they are separate characters who share the same character design and/or are relatives. Glenn's Wife (Dana Swanson) - Glenn's blonde-haired wife. She has been repeatedly stalked by Early (and even Rusty on one occasion). Though she tells Glenn she isn't interested in Early, at one point as Early and Rusty were leaving her and Glenn's house after having rung their doorbell till it broke, she is heard saying “Call Me.” from her window to Early and Rusty (hinting at the possibility she is unfaithful or secretly likes the idea of being stalked). In the episode “Asbestos I Can”, Glenn's wife actually gives Early “oral sex” by sucking two of his tentacles, one which may be an unused second penis (see episode “Frivolacious Squidigation”), after Early convinces everyone he is terminally ill. However, in “Greener Pastor”, Glenn's wife denies Glenn a “handjob” during a prayer at church service. Glenn's wife has an exact lookalike who is married to a regular background character, first seen in “Take This Job and Love It,” and they have been routinely spotted together in multiple episodes, and every season, since. Whether this is yet another example of a Dougal County clone, or a twin sister, or Glenn's-Wife herself living a double life, has never been clarified. Early refers to one of these women as “Donna” in the episode, “Office Politics Trouble.” Yet again, whether this character is actually Glenn's Wife, was not clarified. Snakeman - A giant snake like creature with a Mullet. He is often depicted devouring townsfolk. He is also one of Krystal's lovers and the two are often seen together in the outhouse next to her mattress. He never talks. He was involved in the three-way with Early and Crystal which lead to Rusty's conception (interestingly Rusty's hair and skin coloration match that of Snakeman's). Ellis (Dave Willis) - A bartender at The Jiggle Hut, a strip club Early frequently goes to. He wears a mesh wife-beater, and has the duty of escorting Early out of The Jiggle Hut on many of Early's appearances there. Ellis on occasion will pole dance in place of the girls during extreme weather events when the girls cannot make it to work (See episode “Snow Daddy”). Ellis is shown to be very aggressive and is one of the few townspeople to physically stand up to Early in his rages, but still is often greatly injured in fighting back. Doctor (Brendon Small) - A doctor who appears to be completely incompetent as such, since he frequently cannot conjure up the correct medical terminology to describe his patients' illnesses or the necessary treatment, and may suffer from a type of mental illness (he acts bizarrely and often says irrelevant things). He also often behaves irrationally, such as dousing himself with gasoline and setting himself aflame for no apparent reason (he was trying to have some common ground with a burned Granny after she chose to get planet-size breast implants), and can be cruel, intentionally or otherwise, to his injured patients (he pokes and tears at Granny's burned flesh while in I.C.U., which gives him much pleasure). He has even once hinted that he may not even a licensed doctor (which is likely given his lack of medical knowledge and questionable practices). In “Crystal, Light”, he is even shown to be willing to perform surgical procedures which would easily result in his patient's death, like drilling a hole in the back of Crystal's head so she would lose weight (knowing full well she would die in two weeks from massive organ failure) or gleefully separating Crystal and her Siamese twin Amber Jean with a Katana (which more than likely killed Crystal's twin sister). On a bump before the 7th-season premiere “Rusty and Tammi, Sittin' in a Tree, B-A-S-T-A-R-D”, He was officially credited and named as Dr. Donald Cock. Like most citizens of Dougal County he occasionally works for Dan Halen, such as in “Wing Nut”, when he is employed by Dan Halen Industries to genetically engineers a chicken entirely made of buffalo wings by splicing it with squid DNA from the Cuylers. Despite his behavior and questionable credentials, the Doctor is shown to question Dan Halen's method, ethics, and logic of his plan to genetically engineer such a creature, though ends up going along with it, though draws the line when Dan Halen makes the their creation be able to defecate its own to-go-box due to it being scientifically impossible and impractical. Sheriff's Father - The Sheriff's biological father and former Sheriff of Dougal County. Unlike his son, he is shown to be well-built and competent law enforcement officer. In “A Walk to Dignity”, Sheriff's Father attempt to challenge social barriers and end segregation between humans and critters (like the such as the Cuylers) by getting a young Early into school so he might receive an education, only to for Early to quit as soon as he entered the building. In “The Peep”, The Sheriff encounters his deceased father in what appears to be heaven after accidentally kills himself using his gun as a microphone while performing his stand-up comedy act. He tries to dissuade his son from becoming a stand-up comedian due to his son "not being funny'. It is revealed that when was alive he had previous managed to convince his son to go into law enforcement, instead of stand-up comedy due to realizing his son's lack of talent. The Sheriff however fails to heed his father's advice when he returns to life after surviving his gunshot, and ends up trying to borrow material from another comedian who he happens to be a fan of, though he ends up shooting himself again with his gun when he uses it as a microphone. He meets his father again and reveals his father was right and believes he will get another chance, but his father implies that this time he is dead for good. The Sheriff asks if they will meet God, though his claims there is no God, which Sheriff at first believes is a joke, though his demeanor implied he was serious. Kyle Nubbins - The town's new reverend after The Reverend transferred to a different church in another county who appears in “Greener Pastor”. Unlike the Reverend, Pastor Nubbins is a positive and good natured pastor who tries to help Early become a better person even in the face of stiff resistance of Early. He is also shown to be more tolerant and plays the guitar. However even Nubbins' patience reaches its limits after Early steals Nubbins' guitar, following a failed attempt to convince Early to return stolen donation money. Like Ellis, he is one of the few people in town willing to physically stand up to Early, as shown when he attacked Early after he stole his guitar. However he was willing to make a wager after Early suggested it and challenged Early to a faux-Sumo wrestling contest (wearing padded suits) which effectively Early lost. As per their wager, Nubbins got back his guitar and Early was forced to leave town after being dragged away by a medium-size dog. However, when Early promised to return, Nubbins reveals he knows and tells Early he will see him in church, showing that he accepts that dealing with Early is just a fact of life in Dougal County.

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