The show featured Gregory Proops as the high commander with Bill Bailey and Craig Charles as his two captains. The space-age gameshow was set in a futuristic ship and was monitored by the super computer "Hal" (as Greg calls him). Each captain would have two guests on his team for every episode and they would try to prove who knew more sci-fi facts through a variety of ways including trivia, guessing what props were used in which movies, etc. The show ran for ten weeks and was a great opportunity for Greg to show off his gameshow host skills.

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Type: Panel Show

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1997-07-15

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The space-cadet keyboard is a keyboard used on MIT Lisp machines and designed by Tom Knight, which inspired several still-current jargon terms in the field of computer science and influenced the design of Emacs. It was inspired by the Knight keyboard (also developed by Tom Knight), which was developed for the Knight TV system, used with MIT's Incompatible Timesharing System. The Symbolics-labeled version shown here was only used with the LM-2, which was Symbolics's repackaged version of the MIT CADR. Later Symbolics systems used a greatly simplified keyboard, the Symbolics keyboard, that retained only the basic layout and the more commonly used function and modifier keys from the space-cadet keyboard.

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