In the far-flung future, the Galaxy of Limbo is in dire need of some heroes. Terrorized by the ruthless villain Mon-Star and his intergalactic horde, the only hope against this tyranny are the partly metal, partly real cybernetically enhanced super-team: The "SilverHawks". Led by the daring Quicksilver, the SilverHawks use their amazingly enhanced bodies, their razor sharp wits, and a steely resolve to battle Mon-Star and the forces of evil across the galaxy.

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Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1986-09-08

SilverHawks - SilverHawks - Netflix

SilverHawks is an American animated television series developed by Rankin/Bass Productions and distributed by Lorimar-Telepictures in 1986, now Warner Bros. Television Distribution. The animation was provided by Japanese studio Pacific Animation Corporation. In total, 65 episodes were made. It was created as a space-bound equivalent of their previous series, ThunderCats. As was the case with ThunderCats, there was also a SilverHawks comic book series published by then-Marvel Comics imprint Star Comics. Currently, Warner Bros. (which purchased Lorimar, and Telepictures, in 1989) owns the rights to SilverHawks and other TV series made by Lorimar and/or Telepictures.

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The Origin Story 09/08/1986 Journey To Limbo 09/09/1986 The Planet Eater 09/10/1986 Save The Sun 09/11/1986 Stop Timestopper 09/12/1986 Darkbird 09/15/1986 The Backroom 09/16/1986 The Threat of Dritt 09/17/1986 Sky-Shadow (09/18/1986) Magnetic Attraction 09/19/1986 Gold Shield 09/22/1986 Zero The Memory Thief 09/23/1986 The Milk Run 09/24/1986 The Hardware Trap, Episode 1 09/25/1986 The Hardware Trap, Episode 2 09/26/1986 Race Against Time 09/29/1986 Operation Big Freeze 09/30/1986 The Ghost Ship 10/01/1986 The Great Galaxy Race 10/02/1986 Fantascreen 10/03/1986 Hotwing Hits Limbo 10/06/1986 The Bounty Hunter 10/07/1986 Zeek's Fumble 10/08/1986 The Fighting Hawks 10/09/1986 The Renegade Hero 10/10/1986 One on One 10/13/1986 No More Mr. Nice Guy 10/14/1986 Music of the Spheres 10/15/1986 Limbo Gold Rush 10/16/1986 Countdown to Zero 10/17/1986 The Amber Amplifier 10/20/1986 The Saviour Stone 10/21/1986 Smiley 10/22/1986 Gotbucks 10/23/1986 Melodia's Siren Song 10/24/1986 Tally-Hawk Returns 10/27/1986 Undercover 10/28/1986 Eye of Infinity 10/29/1986 A Piece of the Action 10/30/1986 Flashback 10/31/1986 Super Birds 11/03/1986 The Blue Door 11/04/1986 The Star of Bedlama 11/05/1986 The Illusionist 11/06/1986 The Bounty Hunter Returns 11/07/1986 The Chase 11/10/1986 Switch 11/11/1986 Junkyard Dog 11/12/1986 Window in Time 11/13/1986 Gangwar, Episode 1 11/14/1986 Gangwar, Episode 2 11/17/1986 Sneak Attack, Episode 1 11/18/1986 Sneak Attack, Episode 2 11/19/1986 Moon*Star 11/20/1986 The Diamond Stick-Pin 11/21/1986 Burnout 11/24/1986 Battle Cruiser 11/25/1986 Small World 11/26/1986 Match-Up 11/27/1986 Stargazer's Refit 11/28/1986 The Invisible Destroyer 12/01/1986 The Harder They Fall 12/02/1986 Uncle Rattler 12/03/1986 Zeek's Power 12/04/1986 Airshow 12/05/1986

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